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Swellendam is a tiny little town in South Africa. Eventually, you stumble upon it when driving the famous Garden Route. But despite its small size, the people living there made a lot out of their town. There’s a whole infrastructure such as ATMs, Restaurants, B&B’s, a pottery, a church as well as a mall. Taking this into account, you can already see that the city of Swellendam is home to rather rich white South Africans. A big plus is that Swellendam is really safe – you can easily go out alone even when it’s dark.

Swellendam really is a nice town to visit. Even though Swellendam itself is small and thus not the most interesting city for sightseeing, Swellendam has a great location!

Street Swellendam

Stopping by at Swellendam when following the Garden Route actually is worth it. The great thing about Swellendam is that it is perfect for day trips!

De Hoop Nature Reserve

De Hoop Nature Reserve

For example, it is a great thing to take a day to visit the De Hoop Nature Reserve and driving through the Hinterland and graveled roads to get there!

South Africa Roadtrip

In the back of Swellendam are mountains. It is a wonderful thing to go out and discover the nature! There’s even the possibility of horseback riding in the mountains! When you come home in the evening, it is nice to dine in one of the restaurants which usually need to be reserved.

De Companije

We had a very nice evening at De Companije, where the focus is on traditional South African Food! For us, it wasn’t too obvious that there are so many things to do and see in Swellendam, so we just planned a short overnight stay as the distance would otherwise have been too long.

The Hideaway Swellendam

The Hideaway

We stayed at The Hideaway, a five star B&B. Steven and Jackie who own The Hideaway were very friendly. From time to time, Steven appeared to be smart-alec. However, he made us aware of our “mistake” to just rush by and made some awesome recommendations! So if you plan your trip, ask before you visit what to do there and how much time you will need for it…

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  1. Swellendam and the nature reserves around it is the place where you go stay to do absolutely nothing. To relax and reflect and get away from the city. Go walk in the mountains, sit around a fire, draw, paint. It is a beautiful little town with gorgeous mountains. But yes not a main attraction type of town if you have limited time in our country. Beautiful photos!

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