Boston: Top things to do and see

Boston has played a significant role when it comes to the history of the United States of America. Which is exactly why the city of Boston has a rather historical touch and is known for its landmarks from another time. Accordingly, there are some great things to do and see, as for example following the Heritage Trail

1. Try Mike’s Pastry

Little store, huge choice of all sweet bakeries you can just dream of. Completely new creations will make your tongue melt when trying.

Mike's Pastry

Mike’s Pastry is kind of famous in Boston – not any surprisingly, the little store is quite full and the prices are a bit higher than elsewhere.

2. Catch a look at Paul Revere

You might not know the name Paul Revere, but for Bostonians, he was a very important person.

Paul Revere Statue Boston

Paul Revere Statue Boston

As it was him who warned the Americans that the Britain conquerors were coming, it got possible to take advantage of this knowledge and to defeat the British.

3. Walk the Freedom Trail

When being in Boston, it is comparatively easy to follow the path as it is well signposted.

Freedom Trail

The great thing about the Freedom Trail is that you will pass most of, if not all, significant historical landmarks.

4. Bunker Hill Monument

In 1775, the first major conflict in the American Revolutionist War has been fought.

Bunker Hill Monument

Bunker Hill Monument

To commemorate the Battle of Bunker Hill, this obelisk has been built. Conveniently, Bunker Hill Monument Boston lays on the Freedom Trail.

5. Explore the campus of Harvard University

Harvard University definitely is one of the most renowned universities all over the world. The good thing is that you can dip into the feeling of being a student.

Harvard 2

The campus itself is very impressive and quite big – no wonder when counting 21,000 students! However, one might keep in mind the high price which is to pay when planning to study in Harvard…


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