Running in Manchester

Running in Manchester was the perfect addition to our sightseeing tour through the city. As our time in Manchester was limited, we decided to not visit the renowned Old Trafford in the far West. However, I decided to run a little longer than usual to also enjoy the stadium which was actually a little underwhelming. Nevertheless, running in Manchester was a real pleasure.

The late August evening I went running in Manchester was a cloudy, but also partly sunny one.

  • Distance: 10 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 65 Meters
  • Calories burned: 600-650
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Partly sunny

Starting at The Lowry Hotel Manchester, I had the pleasure to also pass the city center on the way to Old Trafford which is located in the far West of the city.

Running in Manchester

Map of my run through Manchester (tracked by Runtastic)

The generally good conditions of paths in Manchester made the sportive experience a good one at all times. Yet, there were some difficulties to talk about!

Manchester’s Old Town and Deansgate

The city center of Manchester comes with several historic and beautiful buildings which are worth admiring.

Starting at The Lowry Hotel Manchester, I decided to run down the renowned shopping street Deansgate which is somewhat the main shopping route in the British metropolis.

Even though running was a little bothersome due to the number of people on the streets and red traffic lights, Deansgate is definitely worth running over – at least for some minutes.

Manchester Wharf and Irwell River

Even though The Lowry Hotel Manchester is located right next to the Irwell River, it took some minutes until I got back to the river after crossing the city center.

On my way, I found the very nice and modern Manchester Wharf which is a modern and stylish quarter with several residential buildings in a very peaceful setting.

Running in Manchester

In this part of the city, you may also enjoy beautiful views

Definitely one of the most interesting areas of Manchester. From there on, it doesn’t take long until you’ll encounter a large green area next to Irwell River.

Even though the path on the left side (in the direction of Old Trafford) of the Irwell River didn’t look well maintained, I decided to dip into this experience.

Surprises and Old Trafford

It didn’t take me long to realize that this path was nothing everybody who is running in Manchester should go for.

Running in Manchester

The path I took was quite hidden – for a reason

Rather than not being well maintained, the path was totally abandoned. From time to time, there was a hole in the ground. Other than that, there were some tar and lights left, but it was totally obvious that nobody used this path in the last years.

Nevertheless, I didn’t regret taking this somewhat odd path as it was totally peaceful and the views of the industrial areas of Manchester were quite impressive.

Old Trafford which appeared after I got back to civilization was actually a little underwhelming.

Nevertheless, the hype with tourists from all over the world taking pictures was interesting to watch nevertheless.

Modern Manchester and difficulties

Somewhat interesting while running in Manchester was the sudden change of old buildings like the Old Liverpool Warehouse and new ones like the apartment buildings on the left side of Irwell River (in the direction of Manchester).

These even made it difficult for me to get back to the path right next to the river. I kind of got lost in between the buildings with no access to the river.

Running in Manchester

The “real” path along Irwell River is way better maintained

Yet, after some minutes I was back next to the river, this time on a well maintained path. It seems like the inhabitants are rather using this side of the river nowadays.

I also encountered several cyclists and joggers and felt a little more normal again. Running next to the river was once again peaceful and enjoyable, especially with the skyline of Manchester in front of me.

Manchester and its problems

Even though the concierge had told me that I couldn’t reach The Lowry Hotel when following the Irwell River, I tried it nevertheless.

Surprisingly, I found a nice path right next to the river after jumping over a barrier. As it appears, the path wasn’t really bad, but wasn’t maintained lately, too. At some point, I had to get back on street level as there was another, this time way higher, barrier that stopped me.

Running in Manchester

Manchester has many interesting paths, but only a few are well maintained

Due to that, I found my way back to the hotel through the streets of Manchester, but always had a closer look of the river. As it appears, there is a path all the way next to Irwell River, but there is no money to keep it safe and maintained.

A real pity as it could make running in Manchester even more amazing. At the moment, you have to go off-road to experience something unique!

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