Special: River Cruise at Shambala

Zulu Camp at Shambala Game Reserve is a property like none else we ever stayed before. If you didn’t have the chance to read our Hotel Review yet, you should definitely do so. Something at least as amazing as the experience itself was the river cruise which we were offered complimentary. Seeing wild animals and enjoying beautiful views is hard to beat!

As guests of Zulu Camp Shambala Game Reserve, you are invited to participate in a river cruise once during your stay.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

The boat which took us on the river cruise

The name of the excursion is somewhat strange as we are rather talking of a lake, even an artificial one.

This may seem a little strange, but didn’t hinder us from enjoying the river cruise to the utmost.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

The team of Zulu Camp at Shambala Game Reserve

As we and another couple we made friends with were the only guests, we enjoyed an extremely private river cruise on a small boat which surprisingly came with two decks!

Snacks and drinks on board

As we boarded, we were offered drinks and snacks by the immaculate staff of Zulu Camp.

The snacks included nuts, traditional biltong, dried fruits and some canapés, while the choice of drinks was a little limited.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

Snack buffet on the boat

However, this didn’t mean that we were not offered some signature cocktails freshly prepared on the boat.

Sipping on a cocktail while enjoying stunning views of nature sounded amazing already, but it got so much better than we would have expected!

Heavenly views of the steppe

The river cruise at Shambala Game Reserve started a little slow as we just enjoyed our drinks and had some chats.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

Setting sail into the lake

Suddenly, we were made aware of the first real experience during our cruise.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

Crocodile enjoying a good time in the sun

A crocodile was enjoying itself right next to the lake, spending some time in the sun.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

Approaching the dam

Yet, the first animal was just one moment we enjoyed as it didn’t take long until we reached the dam which is the not-so-natural end of the lake on the one side.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

The beautiful view to die for

We had the pleasure to come extremely close and so were able to take stunning photos of the little river in the valley and the steppe. Just stunning.

Lions and hippos

While this are views you sometimes dream of, the great river cruise was not over yet. The staff of Zulu Camp at Shambala tried its best to spot some other interesting animals for us. The best part of a safari camp definitely is that you can always watch animals passing by.

Shambala Game Reserve Lion

Lions walking next to the lake

Lucky as we are, it didn’t take long for us to spot two lions passing by. These imposing animals right next to the lake definitely made up for the fact that we didn’t see any cheetah or leopard during our stay at Zulu Camp.

Last but not least, we were taken to another special point by boat. There’s one cove where the resort’s hippos spend the most time. From up on the boat, we had the pleasure to watch the hippo families enjoying themselves – all while sipping on a cold drink.

Sunsets and saying goodbye

I have to admit that I wasn’t too keen on the river cruise. The activity sounded somewhat boring at first, but afterwards I couldn’t have been happier to enjoy this amazing experience.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

The large lake on which we enjoyed our river cruise

Not only did we spot beautiful and unique animals, but also enjoyed views we may not enjoy ever again in our life. It may be perfect ending this article with a picture of the sunsets we enjoyed when we decided to finally leave the boat that made us enjoy two hours we will never forget.

River Cruise Shambala Game Reserve

We definitely won’t forget the beautiful sunsets

So if you’ll ever have the chance to stay at Zulu Camp at Shambala, you definitely shouldn’t pass on the river cruise!


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