City Guide: Brussels

Brussels is the city where the European Parliament is located. Thus, Brussels is the city where many demonstrations take place or end as important decisions are made in Brussels. During the week, Brussels is anything but a cheap city when it comes to hotels. But on weekends, Brussels is really affordable for all travelers alike.

Visiting the Village Provencal

The first thing we saw was a market focusing on products from the Provence. You might have heard about the French region which is popular for its cheese.

Brussels Village Provencal

But it’s not just the cheese, there are many other products such as spices or macaroons which are offered.

Village Provencal

Finding an abandoned park

As we found a park on the city map, but didn’t see exactly where possibilities to enter where located, we were quite happy when we found a gap to dip in.

Abandoned Park Brussels

Abandoned Park Brussels

Unfortunately, it turned out pretty fast that we were wrong and that this is an abandoned, probably private, separated part.

European Quarter

We rather got back out and moved on to see the buildings of the European Quarter.

As a huge demonstration was announced for the next day, we were lucky enough to be able to take a photo of it without masses of people in front of it…

Strolling around in Brussels’ streets

Brussels has both, big and small streets. You cannot even distinct between an old part of the city and new, modern buildings, as it appears to be mixed.

This combination gives Brussels a very interesting and somewhat unique dynamic.

Elevator in the city

What fascinated us was an elevator which brought pedestrians from a very high level of the city of Brussels to a very low one.

View of Brussels

But before entering, we were able to enjoy awesome views of Brussels. The only wish left was clear weather, but I guess you just cannot have it all!

Grand Place Brussels

It didn’t take us long until we found Brussels’ town hall as well as the famous “Grand Place”.

Next to the natural ancient beauty of this place, there was a big festivity going on. Not our biggest passion, but of enough other people, there was a beer feast going on. Which made it very difficult to take adequate pictures and to “fully enjoy the rain”.

Visiting Palais Royal

In summer, Palais Royal is open for visitors and free of entrance. It is possible to walk through the palace and even to take photos without flash!

So if you’re curious about how the king lives and works, give it a shot! We enjoyed it very much and were impressed of the pageantry.

Discovering Triumphal Arch

As I learned, there are many cities which do have a triumphal arch such as Paris or Rome. And Brussels!

Triumphal Arch Brussels

There is a huge green square which leads to Triumphal Arch. In the case of Brussels, the Triumphal Arch is a symbol for the gained independence of Belgium.

Admiring Atomium

Atomium is the most famous landmark of Brussels. Located a bit outside the city, it was once created and built for the world exhibition. Comparable to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Atomium Brussels

Atomium does definitely look like a huge atom! On the other side, it is definitely the most touristic thing in Brussels…

Historic and religious

When visiting the city of Brussels, definitely keep an eye out for historic buildings and architecture from another time – it is just so worth it and beautiful to look at!

Royal Museum of fine Arts

Institut Des Sciences Naturelles


Palais de la Bourse

In contrast to many other cities we visited, especially in Eastern Europe, Brussels does not have many churches or religious buildings too obvious in the heart of the city.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Brussels

However, if you’re interested, there are some to see. The one which impressed us was called “Basilica of the Sacred Heart”. Around it, there is a huge green square which seems perfect for enjoying Brussels and the moment when it’s warm enough!

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  2. Nice post about Brussels! Definitely visit Ghent next time you’re in Belgium, because in my opinion it’s much prettier and lot’s more to do :p !

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