Prague: Top things to do and see

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and literally a tourist magnet. Over six million people a year decide to spend some time in the lovely city of Prague. As Prague is located in Eastern Europe, prices are not comparable to Western Europe and thus, Prague is a lot cheaper than for example Paris. Historical architecture as well as impressive relics of the past such as the castle are popular places to go. But where to go best? Our top things to do and see in Prague!

  1. Stroll around in the Old Town

Prague is famous for its historic architecture and old town. Imagine having the opportunity to walk through an old town of which the buildings are from the 11th/12th century!

old town Prague

Especially enjoyable are the pedestrian zones. While no cars disturb the idyllic picture of a medieval style, grabbing a coffee or checking out different stores definitely is an experience!

  1. Visit the National Museum

As the buildings are from the early medieval ages, you can imagine that Prague has a rich past, just like the whole Czech Republic in general.

National Museum Prague

Visiting the National Museum will be informative if you want to learn more about the sights and city you are in!

  1. Cross Prague’s Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is probably one of the most famous things to see and admire of Prague.

Charles bridge Prague

But as Charles Bridge is that famous, you may have to fight for crossing it as it is usually very crowded and many merchandisers try to sell their stuff…

  1. Climb up Castle Hill

Prague’s castle is always crowded. Admittedly, it is very beautiful and throws you back in another century, but the yearly 6 million tourists are of the same opinion!

Castle Prague 9

Castle Prague 4

Castle Prague 7

It’s probably best to visit the castle in the early morning hours or late in the evening to avoid the biggest crowds…

  1. Go to Wallenstein Gardens

Currently, the Baroque palace is home of the Czech Senate.

Wallenstein Garden Prague

Wallenstein Garden Prague

Just taking a rest in the impressively designed and well-maintained gardens or strolling around may cause severe minutes of pure peace!

  1. Spend time riverside

The Vltava is the big river flowing through the city of Prague. The beauty is incomparable as stunning views of the other side of Prague can be enjoyed!

River Mottlau Prague

Not to forget about the animals such as swans which are as beautiful to watch as to indulge in the flair of the historic city!

More about Prague on our city page!


15 Comments on “Prague: Top things to do and see”

    • There are so many beautiful, wonderful places on this planet. But there’s a reason for why Prague got so popular 🙂 It’s a lovely city!

    • I’m always astonished how different a city can look when it shows different colors due to another season! Does it get very cold in Prague in winter when snow falls? 🙂

      • It does make such a difference, you see it in a whole new light. I love that. It was certainly a gloves, hat and coat job! I really want to go back to Bruges in the winter, that would be stunning in the snow!

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