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Manor House at Fancourt Hotel George is one of the most exclusive properties in South Africa. We had the pleasure to stay at the luxury hotel in August and not only enjoy the amazing service, but also the facilities of Fancourt Hotel George. Even though we are no golfers, the property is absolutely beautiful and offers everything you need for good holidays!

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Manor House at Fancourt Hotel George is actually just a single building which is part of the large complex which is Fancourt Hotel George.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Homewood Suite
  • Month of Stay: August

Yet, Manor House is renowned for its exclusivity and the unbelievably good butler service. We instantly got a taste of this service when we arrived at Manor House where we were welcomed by cold towels and a glass of sparkling wine.

There was no check-in process at all as we were rather escorted to our room immediately.

That’s how the sometimes bothersome check-in process should always be!

Homewood Suite at Manor House

We were assigned a Homewood Suite at Manor House which is the standard room category at the small Manor House which comes with less than 20 suites.

Manor House at Fancourt Homewood Suite

Living Room of the Homewood Suite at Manor House

We were happy about the stylish and contemporary design upon entering the room.

There’s a hallway with a little kitchenette where you can also find coffee and tea making facilities.

Manor House at Fancourt Homewood Suite

Bedroom of Homewood Suite

Next is a rather small living room with a television hidden in the mirror (what a cool feature) as well as a comfortable couch and a dining table with two chairs.

The bedroom consisted of a large and extremely comfortable King Bed as well as two bedside tables and another table. Interestingly, there was no working table in the room.

Manor House at Fancourt Pool

View from the the terrace

Yet, we absolutely loved the Homewood Suite at Manor House as the interior was extremely tasteful. Another very positive aspect were the large windows which opened up to a large terrace with views of the garden and the pool.

Bathroom at Manor House

At least as beautiful as the Homewood Suite is the bathroom which is extremely spacious.

Manor House at Fancourt Homewood Suite

Bathroom of the Homewood Suite at Manor House

A large free-standing bathtub, two sinks, a walk-in shower and a detached toilet are the features of the bathroom.

Yet, it was the style and the design of the bathroom which made us very happy. Everything was extremely tastefully decorated.

You can really feel the coziness of the bathroom upon entering, something that’s definitely rare and one of the main arguments why we liked the Homewood Suite at Manor House so much. Definitely an amazing room!

Afternoon Tea & Dinner at Manor House

Upon arrival, an extensive Afternoon Tea awaited us in our room. Even though the number of sweet treats was rather limited, we enjoyed the Afternoon Tea as both the finger sandwiches and the sweet options were very good in taste.

Manor House at Fancourt Dinner

Room Service Dinner at Manor House

The quality was especially good considering the fact that Afternoon Tea is included in the room rate at Manor House. This means you are served it daily without any additional charge! Which comes with an extra charge is dinner though.

Manor House at Fancourt Dinner

One of the very affordable snack choices

We decided to have it in-room as we had a long drive behind us. We ordered some finger food which was way more plentiful than we expected them to be. However, they tasted very good and came with different sauces.

Manor House at Fancourt Dinner

Even the simple dishes tasted very good

Something that’s definitely worth mentioning are the prices for food at Manor House which were way below our expectations. While the quality is top-notch, the prices are extremely low. Honestly, I didn’t see such fair prices for room service dinner in any luxury hotel I stayed at before.

Breakfast at Manor House

All suites at Manor House come with included breakfast. Breakfast is either served in the room or in the restaurant.

Manor House at Fancourt Breakfast

Breakfast Room of Manor House

We decided for the latter as we wanted to try the buffet. This one was continental with several different choices. Even though the buffet was not bad, we were a little surprised that it was not very plentiful.

Manor House at Fancourt Breakfast

Set-up for breakfast

There were cheese, cold cuts, a few yoghurts, some fruits as well as mueslis, breads, rolls and scones. Moreover, there were some juices and smoothies. Even though the quality was top-notch, we’ve seen way more extensive breakfasts in the past.

Yet, it’s worth noting that there were not many guests staying at Manor House at this morning. Additionally, there was a menu with several hot choices.

Manor House at Fancourt Breakfast

Salmon Crepes Royale

We decided to give the Salmon Crepes Royal a try. Such a good choice as the savory crepes were among the best we ever tried.

Facilities of Manor House

Manor House offers its guests access to an outdoor pool with several loungers which is located in a private garden which is not accessible for guests of Fancourt Hotel.

Manor House at Fancourt Pool

The pool of Manor House is large and very private

Sadly, the pool is not heated and may not be used in winter. Other facilities include a library and other public areas which are warm and inviting. Perfect for a family gathering!

Gym & Pool at Fancourt Hotel George

Manor House itself has no indoor pool or gym. However, guests of Manor House can use the facilities of Fancourt Hotel George.

Fancourt Hotel George Fitness Center

The gym is one of the most extensive one’s I’ve ever seen in a hotel

Usually, there’s a large Spa with pools, saunas and steam baths, but “lucky” as we were, there were some maintenance works taking place.

Nevertheless, we had the pleasure to enjoy the fitness center of Fancourt Hotel George which is not only housing an extremely large gym with dozens of machines for cardio and strength training as well as all free weights you may need for your workout, but also a sports pool.

Fancourt Hotel George Fitness Center

Pool of the Fitness Center at Fancourt Hotel George

The pool is rather small, but is heated and quite nice for some relaxed swimming. There are also some loungers and a jacuzzi, but the whole area lacked flair in my opinion, making it rather uncomfortable to stay any longer than needed.

The area was also a little cold in winter as it seemingly wasn’t heated properly. Luckily, there’s a sauna in each of the changing rooms which will heat you up again!

Bottom line Manor House

Manor House at Fancourt Hotel George is definitely an amazing luxury hotel. The 24-hours butler service is outstanding and the service is top-notch. The Homewood Suite was not only large, but also very tastefully decorated and though very cozy.

Fancourt Hotel George Homewood Suite

Little touches like this towel rabbit which awaited us in our room made our stay very special

The quality of food at Manor House is very high and the prices are more than just fair. The public areas at Manor House are cozy and enjoyable (some even with fireplaces), while the fitness center of Fancourt Hotel George lacks atmosphere.

Fancourt Hotel George

Fancourt itself is one of the most beautiful resorts in South Africa

Yet, I’m sure the renovated Spa with its pool and saunas will definitely be amazing. Overall, I can definitely recommend Manor House. It has been one of the best hotels on our whole journey through South Africa and we will definitely return at some point in life!

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