City Guide: Rotterdam

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands after well-known Amsterdam. Special attention goes to Rotterdam as the city has the third biggest harbor in Europe! However, Rotterdam also has a lot to offer as a cultural center. Strolling through Rotterdam literally is a journey of discovery!

Rotterdam Info kind of designed a brochure in which you can find a proposed route to walk through Rotterdam. Following it, you will most definitely see everything of importance. But as Rotterdam definitely is no small city, be prepared: It will be quite a walk! And a hell lot of new, amazing impressions.

Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station is the very first shown building.

Central Station Rotterdam

Unique architecture, that’s for sure!

Groot Handelsgebouw, Delftse Poort, Calypso

Next to the Central Station of Rotterdam, Groot Handelsgebouw (Whole Sale Building of Offices) is a monument having been completed in 1953.

Rotterdam Groot Handelsgebouw

Quite a contrast to the Groot Handelsgebouw is Delftse Poort. Two huge skyscrapers!

Rotterdam Delftse Poort

Calypso is also a very modern building in which mainly are apartments for rent. Again, unique architecture!

Rotterdam Calypso

Lijnbaan Rotterdam

If you are desperately in need for new things, I’m sure Lijnbaan is the right address for you as it is the main shopping street.

Lijnbaam Rotterdam

Lijnbaam Rotterdam

Thus, it is a real experience to be and shop there!

Stadhuis Rotterdam

As the Stadhuis is just one of few buildings which has “survived” the war, it is now a historical monument.

Rotterdam Town Hall

Erasmus in Rotterdam

Erasmus is a name everyone in Europa should have heard of. But did you know that Erasmus of Rotterdam, eponym of the famous scholarship, was from Rotterdam?

Erasmus College Rotterdam

Not any surprisingly, he plays a very important role until today. Besides a statue, there’s also the college named after him.

Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge

On top of that, the so-called Erasmusbrug got also named in his honor.

Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Laurenskerk is an impressive church built in the 15th century.

Nowadays, it serves as a protestant parish Church.

Centrale Bibliotheek, Markthal and Station Blaak

Even though the building of the Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam does not look very impressive, the collection of books, magazines etc. is very stunning with over one million works!

Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam is a brand-new building. Opened in 2014, Markthal Rotterdam offers everything one might desire having in the kitchen!

Station Rotterdam Blaak is a great example of a continued development of the station.

Station Blaak Rotterdam

First opened in 1822, the station got destroyed during the war, but reconstructed and developed further for underground.

Kubuswoningen Rotterdam

Kubuswoningen Rotterdam

In that particular case, I will let the photos speak for themselves!

Oude Haven and Witte Huis

Definitely one of the most beautiful parts in Rotterdam is the old harbor area.

Old Harbor Rotterdam

Walking along the canals convey a completely different flair in Rotterdam!

Witte Huis Rotterdam

What is also great is the mixed style of architecture which can be seen as well as panoramic views!

Kop van Zuid Rotterdam

Kop van Zuid is the name of the quarter when you cross Erasmusbrug. Especially impressive are Maastoren, but also De Rotterdam and Hotel New York are interesting to admire!

Museums and a park in Rotterdam

Rotterdam houses many museums! Kunsthal Rotterdam, Het Natuurhistorisch Museum or Het Nieuwe Instituut are just some examples.

Last but not least, we had the pleasure to discover a spacious green space which deserves the name of a park.

Park Rotterdam

As it is approximate to the accumulation of museums, it was a very popular place among young people. Talking of people, I have to confirm the cliché of the Netherlander being very nice!


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  1. Your photos are great. We haven’t been to Rotterdam, but we enjoyed the places we did visit in Holland, so perhaps one day we will go to this interesting city. Thank you.

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