Hotel Preview: St. Regis Istanbul

St. Regis Istanbul Grand Room

St. Regis Istanbul is not open for long, but yet gathered dozens of overly positive reviews. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the property looks absolutely stunning. Large rooms with contemporary design, restaurants with high-quality cuisine, a Spa with three pools and much more is what guests of St. Regis Istanbul can expect from the luxury property!

St. Regis Istanbul is located in Nişantaşı, one of the most interesting and booming quarters of Istanbul. Hundreds of shops with regional and international offerings, a decent range of restaurants and much more is what guests of St. Regis Istanbul can expect to reach by foot.

St. Regis Istanbul Atrium

Atrium (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

The Bosporus and the Istanbul Congress Center are not far away either, making St. Regis Istanbul an ideal spot to stay in Istanbul! Yet, the facilities of the hotel are so amazing that it definitely won’t be easy to leave!

Rooms at St. Regis Istanbul

What makes properties like St. Regis Istanbul that amazing is the fact that even the smallest room categories come with all the luxury you may think of.

St. Regis Istanbul Superior Room

Superior Room (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

The smallest rooms of the lowest room category at St. Regis Istanbul are 46 square meters (495 square feet) large and offer a beautiful combination of classic elements like chandeliers and modern interior.

St. Regis Istanbul St. Regis Suite

St. Regis Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Spacious marble bathrooms, large flat-screen televisions and coffee making facilities are just some features of the very cozy looking rooms.

St. Regis Istanbul Empire Suite

Empire Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

If you like to enjoy stunning views, you may book a Grand Room which most likely comes with a balcony offering stunning views of the city and the Bosporus.

St. Regis Istanbul Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Moreover, St. Regis Istanbul offers several amazing suites including theme suites like the Bentley Suite. There’s definitely a room type for every taste at the recently opened St. Regis Istanbul!

Dining at St. Regis Istanbul

St. Regis properties are renowned for great service and amazing cuisine. Guests of St. Regis Istanbul definitely won’t be disappointed as they can even choose between two restaurants.

St. Regis Istanbul Spago

Spago (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

“Spago” presented by the popular chef Wolfgang Puck combines cozy seating and stunning views of the city with Californian cuisine.

St. Regis Istanbul St. Regis Brasserie

St. Regis Brasserie (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

“St. Regis Brasserie” instead offers a more settled concept with French cuisine with Turkish influences.

St. Regis Istanbul Petit O Bar

Petit O Bar (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

In the evening, “Petit O Bar” is the spot to spend the late hours. The bar of St. Regis Istanbul offers cocktails and several other drinks as well as small snacks.

Relaxation at St. Regis Istanbul

St. Regis Istanbul offers its guests several leisure facilities. Just one of many features are the three indoor pools which are all rather small, but offer enough space for leisure swim or even laps.

St. Regis Istanbul Spa

Spa (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

The number of pools makes it also possible to enjoy a decent privacy. If you are looking for a treatment, Iridium Spa at St. Regis Istanbul is the ideal facility for you.

St. Regis Istanbul Sauna

Sauna (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Additionally, there are sauna and steam bath facilities to enjoy. If you want to do some sports, there’s also a large gym with several modern machines for cardio and strength training.

St. Regis Istanbul Gym

Gym (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Other facilities of St. Regis Istanbul include a fully equipped business center.

Prices of St. Regis Istanbul

Hotels like St. Regis Istanbul usually come with a hefty price tag. Yet, the Istanbul property is actually not too expensive, at least in low season.

St. Regis Istanbul Bentley Suite

Bentley Suite (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Rates are starting at 290 Euro (~ 320 US-Dollar) excluding taxes, services and breakfast. The latter comes with an extra charge of 50 Euro (~ 55 US-Dollar) per room. Rates for suites at St. Regis Istanbul start at 900 Euro (~ 985 US-Dollar) per night on the same rate basis.

St. Regis Istanbul The Library

The Library (Image Source: St. Regis Istanbul /

Moreover, prices are rising in summer, making prices double up from time to time. St. Regis Istanbul is definitely a very expensive property for Istanbul, but looks like it would be worth the money.

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