Szczecin: Top things to do and see

Szczecin is located very close to the German-Polish Border. Even though the bigger Polish cities such as Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow or Warsaw definitely have a lot to offer and are beautiful with an historic old town, Szczecin is different. Due to heavy destruction during WWII, there was not much left of the original town. However, there is some progress!

  1. Find Szczecin’s old town

Honestly, we failed finding the core of Szczecin’s old town. Sadly, it is anything but overwhelming anyways.

Szczecin is supposed to have an old town, at least being reconstructed nowadays after having been totally destroyed during World War II. Yet, it is defintiely not comparable with other old towns.

  1. Be impressed by religious monuments

As Poland is a very religious country in general, it does not come as a surprise that there are many cathedrals and churches in every city.

Though, Szczecin for example has the Cathedral Church of St. Jacob or the Church of John the Evangelist to admire.

  1. Visit the National Museum

Looking like a fairytale castle, the National Museum in Szczecin is located right beside the river Oder.

National Museum Szczecin

National Museum Szczecin

Even if you are not too blessed with plenty of time to actually go in, don’t miss the impressive building itself!

  1. Take a photo of Royal Gate Szczecin

When strolling around, Royal Gate Szczecin is not difficult to discover.

Royal Gate Szczecin

Admittedly, not too impressive, but hey, it’s Szczecin!

  1. Spend some time by the river

Even though Szczecin does not shine like it did before the war, I guess you just cannot destroy a river.

Oder in Szczecin

So, as you can’t really enjoy architecture in Szczecin, it is still great to spend some time beside the river Oder!

More about Szczecin on our city page!


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