Lounge Review: Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is one of many Star Alliance lounges at Frankfurt Airport. Surprisingly, Air Canada offers its passengers an own lounge even though there are several Lufthansa lounges around. Even though Lufthansa is the home carrier at Frankfurt Airport, Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt actually isn’t any bad. The buffet is decent and seating is comfortable.

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Flying Business Class or holding a Star Alliance Gold status allows you access to many different lounges at Frankfurt Airport.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Seating

The Maple Leaf Lounge has several typical Canadian features

Lufthansa Senator Lounge (B) and Lufthansa Business Lounge (B44) are just two examples. So why should you decide to visit the Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt nevertheless?

Because it’s definitely a very good lounge which is at least on the same level as the Lufthansa offerings.

Seating in the Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

Even though Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is rather small compared to the Lufthansa lounges, it offers diverse seating.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Seating

Seating right next to the windows is the most airy

On the one side of the lounge, there are some dining tables, while the other side (with views of the tarmac) is dedicated to lounging in leather armchairs and only small tables.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Seating

In the middle of the lounge, you can find an artificial fireplace

In the middle of the lounge, there are also some Canada inspired chairs and tables next to an artificial fireplace.

Seating at Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is complemented by separated sleeping and dozing chairs in small cubicles with a television and headphones.

Buffet in the Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

The offerings at Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt are absolutely decent when it comes to food.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Buffet

One part of the buffet at the Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

To our surprise, we found a very well stocked breakfast buffet with everything you’d expect in a good hotel. Fresh fruits, cut vegetables, fruit salad, cold cuts, cheeses and yoghurts made up the cold offerings.

Additional offerings included a selection of several pastries, muffins, croissants, rolls, toast and even pretzels.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt also has some hot dishes for breakfast which are including omelets, baked beans and sausages.

As quality and availability were also decent, I have to admit that the buffet at Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt was actually great!

Entertainment in the Maple Leaf Lounge

The Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt may be expected to be worse than the Lufthansa lounges when it comes to entertainment as I’m a huge fan of what Lufthansa offers in this regard.

Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt Magazines

The number of newspapers and magazines available is decent

However, Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt surprised me once again. There’s a more than decent choice of German and international newspapers which is close to what Lufthansa has on offer.

Moreover, there’s a large business center with modern computers and comfortable chairs and very good Wi-Fi (the same which is also available in the Lufthansa lounges).

You may not get Japanese or Swedish newspapers at Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt, but besides that, entertainment is great, too!

Bottom line Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt

Taking into account that Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt is just an outstation lounge, I have to admit that the lounge is absolutely great. The choice at the buffet is rich and the quality is totally fine. The view of the tarmac is beautiful and the seating is nicely designed and very comfortable.

The diversity of seating is something to mention especially positively. All this complemented by friendly staff and several entertainment options, you definitely won’t regret visiting Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt!


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


6 Comments on “Lounge Review: Maple Leaf Lounge Frankfurt”

  1. seems pretty good for a non main lounge! What I struggle the most with some of the international lounges is the lack of english magazines! In Dusselforf for example, very rarely I’ve managed to grab anything to read that wasn’t in german. The seats seem pretty comfortable and sizeable 🙂

    • You are absolutely right. Especially in Southern Europe, you’ll rarely get anything which is not Spanish, Italian or Greek (depending on where you are). Lufthansa lounges are an exception in this regard. I don’t know any airline which offers newspapers and magazines in so many different languages in its lounges. You should definitely give some of the Senator or Business Lounges a try!

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