Running at Fancourt

Running at Fancourt may not sound too spectacular as not leaving the areal means that there is not very much to see. Even though running at Fancourt definitely consisted of a lot of green spaces (golf courses), it was actually more varied than expected. See why it’s worth to go running at Fancourt!

Manor House at Fancourt gives guests the opportunity to go running on several different paths.

Running at Fancourt

Map of my run through Fancourt (tracked by Runtastic)

Even though I was given a map, I was totally lost after just one kilometer. As I’m usually running with GPS, that was no real problem for me.

  • Distance: 8 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 75 Meters
  • Calories burned: 450-500
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Cloudy

Anyway, I was a little worried to be hit by a golf ball from time to time.

Yet, criss-cross running at Fancourt definitely was a funny experience even though the weather was bad.

Golf courses everywhere

After leaving Manor House at Fancourt, I found myself close to the reception of Fancourt Hotel.

Right next to the main building you can find a golf course for beginners and another golf course on the other side of the path. Running in the middle of both didn’t feel any unsafe as it is even one of the official running paths.

Running at Fancourt

One of the benches next to the lake

Just a few minutes later, I also found two big lakes which looked totally peaceful. What’s interesting is that there are some residential buildings close to the lakes.

Running at Fancourt

The lakes at Fancourt look totally peaceful

These are not used by the hotel, but are rather privately owned buildings.

Fancourt and its different areas

As the path I took wasn’t leading anywhere, I decided to turn around and run in another direction.

This worked out quite fine as I saw some more of the hotel buildings first and got back into nature just shortly after.

Past more golf courses and another lake, I reached one of the oldest parts of Fancourt at kilometer three.

This one is very different from the others as the residential buildings are in Californian style rather than in the typical British one most buildings were built in.

Residential living at Fancourt

As the route I took once again didn’t continue, I decided to start criss-crossing to another route which was nearby.

Running at Fancourt

Sometimes I needed to cross one of the golf courses to reach the path again

It was kind of worrying to run through the golf course for some hundred meters, but as nobody was playing, it was totally fine. On the new path, I actually found the signs for the trail which I lost kilometers ago.

The trail itself wasn’t too spectacular, but what I found interesting was the historic flair of the buildings in this area. All houses in this area are thatched, giving them a very classic European or even Northern German flair.

Running at Fancourt

All the residential buildings are located in the middle of nature

Something you don’t really expect to see in South Africa, but at the secluded Fancourt property, everything is possible.

Peaceful running at Fancourt

It didn’t take me long to get back to the main areas from Fancourt after I reached one of the little villages.

Once again, it was really peaceful to be alone in nature with just a few other golfers. The way back to the hotel is especially awesome as it leads to several beautiful bridges and along several lakes.

The architecture of the hotel buildings could hardly be any more comforting, too. Like this, running is very enjoyable and peaceful.

This running guide may not have been a classic one, but I think that seeing the different areas of Fancourt makes this run a special one nevertheless!


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