Running in The Hague

Running in The Hague was one of these athletic activities which was not blessed by the weather. Did it hinder me enjoying the city? Not at all, as I had a very special plan for running in The Hague. Even though the beach is located a mere five kilometers away from the city center, I wanted to see the sea– and I didn’t fail.

Running in The Hague started a little different than expected. The hotel staff told me that weather will be good in the morning.

Running in The Hague

Map of my run through The Hague (tracked by Runtastic)

Well, it actually was the complete opposite. Nevertheless, I decided that running to the sea would be my goal for the day!

  • Distance: 10 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 35 Meters
  • Calories burned: 600-650
  • Month: September
  • Weather: Rainy

Yet, the weather was not the only downside of my running experience as it appeared just moments later.

Exploring The Hague

I actually wanted to see a little more of The Hague and so took a little detour on the first kilometer of my run.

Running in The Hague

I started my run at Hilton The Hague

Even though it was very interesting to see the residential areas, I was once again not lucky.

As there was a competitive run taking place this day (what a funny coincidence), my detour got way longer.

Running in The Hague

Next time I’ll just take part!

Yet, I stumbled upon some nice little parks as well as more residential buildings which was unexpected, but interesting nevertheless.

Industrial areas and Scheveningen

When I got close to my initial route again, I ran along one of the biggest streets in the area which is right next to the industrial area where you can find buildings like the World Forum.

Even though this area is not really impressive for running, it’s nice to catch a glance nevertheless.

That said, I definitely enjoyed running more when reaching Scheveningen, the suburb of The Hague which is located right next to the sea.

The pedestrian zone at Scheveningen was a very nice foretaste already!

The beach of The Hague

Even though it was still raining, I was very happy to finally reach the beach.

Running in The Hague

The promenade is a little elevated

From the elevated promenade, I already enjoyed stunning views of the North Sea, but I couldn’t resist getting closer.

Running in The Hague

Statue with the beach in the background

Though I ran and ran and ran and finally reached the water. Honestly, I didn’t expect the beach to be that long, but it’s actually one of the biggest sand beaches I’ve seen in Europe!

That combined with views of the promenade with several large buildings made running beachside quite nice.

From the beach to the nature

While my run to the beach took me through residential and industrial areas, the way back had a focus on nature.

Running in The Hague

Leaving the beach again was not easy

There’s a combination of parks which leads you from Scheveningen directly to The Hague.

The route I discovered includes smaller parks, one of with a cute petting zoo, larger parks with extensive lakes and in the very end even a forest-like park which also was the most extensive one.

While it may sound like a quick description, the area is actually very diverse and totally amazing for running – definitely the better way to get to the beach.

Ending the run “in peace”

There’s rarely anything that could be more fitting for an enjoyable running experience than finding the Peace Palace which is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

Running in The Hague

First glance of the Peace Palace in The Hague

Not only what happens inside, but also the building itself is very impressive. Spotting the Peace Palace definitely was a beautiful ending of my run which I concluded just a few hundred meters further at Hilton The Hague.

If there’s one thing I recommend for doing in The Hague, it definitely is running to the beach through the “park route”!


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    • Thank you for your comment! I somewhat was of the impression that ocean and sea are synonymous, but you are absolutely right. The North Sea is a sea and not an ocean. Thanks again 🙂

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  2. Tomorrow I’ll be there for four days, an my hotel is very near the Hilton, so thank you, I wanted to do almost exactly the same path, and now I’m confident it’s a good idea (even if I’ll have to do it in the dark due to a very busy work schedule)

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