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Taj Cape Town is one of the few luxury hotels in the city which is not located at the Waterfront. Instead, Taj Cape Town is located in the city center. In the approximate, tourists can find several interesting spots and business travelers are not far away from the most important business centers. Even though I’m no huge fan of the Taj brand, I was actually impressed by the luxury hotel in Cape Town!

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Taj Cape Town is located not far away from Hilton Cape Town, but is yet closer to the most important touristic spots and is general in a better area with several pedestrian zones around.

Tower One Bedroom Suite Taj Cape Town

Taj Cape Town is located in the city center of Cape Town

Nevertheless, Taj Cape Town doesn’t look very luxurious from the outside. The building is rather historic, but is located next to a modern tower which is also part of the hotel.

Valet parking (free of charge) and check-in at Taj Cape Town were very smooth, so we were able to have a look at our room just a few minutes after we arrived at the luxurious property.

Tower One Bedroom Suite at Taj Cape Town

Due to my Leaders Club Unlimited membership, we had the pleasure to be upgraded to a One Bedroom Suite in the Tower Wing.

Tower One Bedroom Suite Taj Cape Town

First view of the living room of the Tower One Bedroom Suite

The suite comes with two different rooms. The door to the room is located in the rather spacious living room where also the working desk and the dining table with two comfortable chairs can be found.

Close to the large window front, there is a seating and relaxation area with a big flat-screen television.

Tower One Bedroom Suite Taj Cape Town

First view of the bedroom of the Tower One Bedroom Suite

The bedroom of the Tower One Bedroom Suite at Taj Cape Town also comes with a flat-screen television and consists of a King Bed and two bedside tables.

There’s also a comfortable chair with an ottoman in the bedroom, but as it is placed next to the bed itself, it is somewhat useless.

What’s quite amazing is the dressing room located next to the bedroom.

Definitely a luxurious treat I’d like to have in more suites! Something else worth a mention is the nice balcony which surprised us as our suite was located on the 14th floor of Taj Cape Town.

Bathrooms at Taj Cape Town

The bathrooms of the One Bedroom Suite at Taj Cape Town is not only located right next to the bedroom, but also comes with a large window between both areas.

Tower One Bedroom Suite Taj Cape Town

Bathroom of the Tower One Bedroom Suite

This makes the bathroom bright at day and adds some comfort. If you don’t like this feature, you may make us of the bland.

The bathroom itself was on the rather small side, while still offering all the luxury you’d expect in a hotel like Taj Cape Town. There’s a large walk-in rain shower, a deep-soaking tub, a toilet and a single sink.

The toiletries are presented by Molton Brown, one of my favorite brands when it comes to hotel toiletries!

Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town

Upon arrival, we were invited to enjoy a complimentary Afternoon Tea due to my Leaders Club Unlimited membership.

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

Set-up for the Afternoon tea at Taj Cape Town

Even though the buffet closes at 4 pm, we were offered a selection of savory and sweet treats on a tray. At first, I wasn’t really amazed as the atmosphere in the lobby bar of Taj Cape Town is somewhat lackluster, but the warm service and the lovely presentation of the Afternoon Tea made all negative thoughts fade away.

The choice of teas is extensive and the selection of hot savory items (wraps, fried onions and fried potatoes and some meat), cold savory sandwiches and sweet treats (cookies, cakes and several more) was amazing. Not any surprisingly, the taste was great, too. Something else to mention positively is the proactive asking if we want more of the savory or sweet items which rarely happens when you have Afternoon Tea.

Pool & Gym at Taj Cape Town

Taj Cape Town definitely is a unique property in Cape Town when it comes to the relaxation facilities.

Pool Taj Cape Town

Pool at Taj Cape Town

While most hotels only offer an outdoor pool, Taj Cape Town comes with an indoor pool you may also use in winter.

Even though it is rather small, it’s perfect for laps and sportive swimming as the temperature is not very high.

Spa Taj Cape Town

There’s also a very nice sauna at Taj Cape Town

The loungers together with complimentary apples, water and magazines also add comfort to the swimming experience. You can also find a sauna in the well-equipped changing rooms which is another bonus.

The gym at Taj Cape Town, while offering no daylight and rather boring views of the swimming pool, has a decent size and modern machines.

Breakfast at Taj Cape Town

With an early flight to Johannesburg that day, we sadly weren’t able to enjoy much of the extensive breakfast provided at Taj Cape Town.

Breakfast Taj Cape Town

The breakfast buffet at Taj Cape Town is quite spectacular

The hotel offers a very large breakfast buffet with a wide range of cold and hot items. You may also take the chance to order egg dishes like omelets which are freshly prepared in the kitchen. The cold selection presented at the breakfast buffet of Taj Cape Town is definitely one of the best ones we’ve seen in some time.

While we were flashed by the offerings at The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town the day before, we were not any less impressed by what Taj Cape Town had on offer. Several cut fresh fruits, dozens of fresh bakery items and a selection of sushi are just some items worth mentioning.

Breakfast Taj Cape Town

You can even find a nice selection of sushi at the breakfast buffet

The only thing what was a little lackluster the few minutes we spent at breakfast was the service.

Overall impression of Taj Cape Town

Taj Cape Town definitely is one of the best hotels in Cape Town. While not being located at the waterfront, it still is a great alternative to the other luxury hotels when you want to try something different. The rooms come with a great design and modernity while still being very cozy.

Tower One Bedroom Suite Taj Cape Town

The Welcome Treatment at Taj Cape Town was very nice, too

The pool, the sauna and the gym add a lot of comfort to Taj Cape Town as there are not many hotels in the city which offer indoor facilities like these. Both, the Afternoon Tea and breakfast offer a wide choice and the highest quality, making all kinds of dining at Taj Cape Town a real feast. The only thing which was somewhat lackluster from time to time was the service, but we wouldn’t hesitate to come back to Taj Cape Town nevertheless!

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