Stuttgart: Top things to do and see

Stuttgart may not be known as a touristic city. Located in the South of Germany, Stuttgart offers some really interesting things to do and see! However, I must warn you: It may be hard to get the German names of attractions and more or less beautiful buildings. Nevertheless, here are our top things to do and see in Stuttgart!

  1. Spend some time in Schlossgarten

When hearing of a park in a city, you probably don’t think of the park being about 600 years old!

Schlossgarten Stuttgart

Schlossgarten Stuttgart

However, there are currently changes made due to the project Stuttgart 21.

  1. Admire the Opera

Do I have to say anything more?

Stuttgart Opera

  1. Explore Staatsgalerie and Haus der Geschichte

Staatsgalerie and Haus der Geschichte are located right next to each other in Stuttgart.

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

„Galerie“ means gallery in English, but Staatsgalerie definitely is not the usual type of a gallery!

Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart

Haus der Geschichte Stuttgart

Mainly, Haus der Geschichte shows the history of the land Baden-Württemberg. There is a permanent exhibition showing 26 things of the land’s history – one for each letter of the alphabet.

  1. Stroll around in Bohnenviertel

Bohnenviertel is a really special quarter in Stuttgart which is characterized by cute, historical houses and buildings in general.

Not to forget about the colorful aspect!

  1. Be surprised of Württembergische Landesbibliothek

There are very colorful corners in Stuttgart like the Bohnenviertel and there are not-so-lovely buildings.

Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart

Württembergische Landesbibliothek Stuttgart

The state library, Württembergische Landesbibliothek, unfortunately is one of the latter.

  1. See Town Hall Stuttgart

Not very beautiful, yet interesting is Stuttgart’s town hall.

Town Hall Stuttgart

Going back in 1956, Town Hall has been a bastion of functional post-war architecture!

  1. Take a rest at Alte Kanzlei

Alte Kanzlei Stuttgart surely is located uniquely.

Alte Kanzlei Stuttgart

Alte Kanzlei Stuttgart

But as the Alte Kanzlei is a restaurant, why not taking a rest there from a strenuous sightseeing tour?

  1. Get an impression of Leonhardskirche

Pure and beautiful are two adjectives which describe Stuttgart’s Leonhardskirche very good.

Leonhardskirche Stuttgart

The evangelic church has an indeed long-lasting past!

  1. Visit Kubus

Kubus is actually an art museum located right at the Königsstraße, Stuttgart’s most famous shopping street with exclusive shops.

Art Museum Stuttgart

If it’s not the art itself you’re interested in, then be at least astonished by the unique architecture of the building!

  1. Enjoy Altes and Neues Schloss

Last but not least, the real highlight of Stuttgart is the palace/castle. Even though translation is not unambiguously, the fact of being a highlight is!

Schloss Stuttgart

The New Castle is built in a Baroque style and located in the heart of Stuttgart. If you visit the Schlossgarten, you can hardly miss it!


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