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London is the fascinating city known for its rainy weather, yet London is attractive to millions of travelers and businessmen alike every year. Admittedly, the city of London has a lot to do and see on offer. Even though we visited the British capital a couple of years ago and already released a “sunny” review, it is time to update our impressions and to release a new city review about London.

Getting wet in London

Some days, you are lucky with the weather when you travel and some days, you are just not. As we were not in the mood for museums, we just stepped out.

London Westminster Big Ben

Westminster and Big Ben London

At some point, it was raining so strong that you couldn’t even recognize Westminster from a short distance.

However, there were some weaker raining moments as well.

Passing London Eye

There’s always a long queue of people wanting to get on London Eye. Surely, it is expensive and you do have to wait up to two hours from time to time.

London Eye

London Eye offers amazing vies of the city

However, being up there is a once-in-a lifetime experience.

Crossing Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is probably one of the most famous bridges all over the world. Two different tones of blue speak for themselves, don’t they?

Tower Bridge London

Crossing Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London

View of Tower Bridge London

Rainy or not, you just gotta cross it, which is exactly what we did!

Admiring Buckingham Palace

What fascinates me till today are the silent guards in their uniforms, guarding Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace London

Buckingham Palace London

Buckingham Palace London

Buckingham Palace is a very popular place for tourists taking selfies or other photos, so it was strenuous to not crash a photo or people. But this time, as it was just raining the heaven down, almost nobody was there. Rain does have advantages, huh?

Windsor Castle London

Windsor Castle is just so huge and impressive!

Windsor Castle London

This is just from the outside and one might not even imagine what is “hidden” behind it. Incredible! I somewhat understand why the royals decided to spend their weekends there.

Piccadilly Circus London

For me, Piccadilly Circus London is somehow the British Times Square. Colorful, insistent neon signs, and always crowded.

Piccadilly Circus London

Piccadilly Circus London

Well, as it was raining – surprise! – the mood for shopping was not that distinct.

Tower of London

When stumbling upon Tower Bridge, you are definitely not far from the Tower of London!

Tower of London

Tower of London

Once a fortress, the Tower of London is nowadays open for visitors. I didn’t take the chance yet, but won’t miss it the next time I’m in the city of London, I promise!

See you soon again, London! (And please, with a bit more sun or at least dry!)


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  1. I love London and I think that it must be visited more once in life and enjoy it whilst raining, because in fact rain is one of its virtues too.

  2. Never let the weather spoil your day. No matter where you go, especially in Northern Europe you are always going to run into miserable whether it be in London,Paris or Berlin.

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