Running in Rotterdam

Running in Rotterdam was rather strenuous. As I was running for ten kilometers in The Hague and as we explored Rotterdam on foot for several hours the day before, I wasn’t at best shape. However, as the weather was good and the city is beautiful, I couldn’t resist to go running either. In the aftermath, it definitely was worth the effort!

When leaving Hilton Rotterdam for my run through the city, I was blessed with good weather.

Running in Rotterdam

Map of my run through Rotterdam (tracked by Runtastic)

A temperature of approximately 15 degrees Celsius, some shine and some clouds made up for a very decent combination.

  • Distance: 8.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged alititude: 75 Meters
  • Calories burned: 500-550
  • Month: October
  • Weather: Clear sky with some clouds

Like this, the run could only be an amazing one!

Historic and modern Rotterdam

Immediately after leaving, I found myself opposite of the impressive City Hall which dates back to the early 20th century.

Running in Rotterdam

Rotterdam City Hall is a good spot to start at

At this point, you may also catch a glance of the usually (not on Sunday mornings) very busy pedestrian zone of Rotterdam and a very nice statue right opposite of the City Hall.

While this part of Rotterdam is rather historic, it didn’t take more than a few hundred meters to find some very modern and stylish structures.

The amazing thing about Rotterdam is that pretty much everything looks like stunning architecture even though it is not even something special.

Rotterdam and its harbors

Running in Rotterdam also meant running by the water.

There’s rarely any other city where you just have to run at the water as much as in Rotterdam, the city known for its extremely large port.

Running in Rotterdam

There’s water pretty much everywhere in Rotterdam

Even though I didn’t run to the industrial port, I found several smaller harbors which are located right next to the city center.

After passing impressive buildings like the Market Hall, the Maritime Museum, the Station Rotterdam Blaak or the Kuboswoningen (find more information about these buildings in our city review), I finally reached the water.

Running in Rotterdam

The Kuboswoningen are impressive to watch

It’s needless to say that it’s absolutely amazing there!

Ships and skyscrapers

For me, Rotterdam is not about some sightseeing highlights, but more about the stunning architecture.

That’s why I actually fell in love with running in Rotterdam. If you look right at one point, you feel like you are in a small fisher village with hundreds of smaller boats and if you look left just a second later, you can find extremely impressive constructions.

The Erasmus Bridge and the Maastoren which are maybe the most special skyscrapers in Rotterdam are just two examples.

Running in Rotterdam

The Erasmus Bridge is worth admiring

There are not many cities which offer so many different impressions while running!

Parks and museums

Talking about the diversity in Rotterdam, it may not come as a surprise that there are beautiful parks like the Museum Park, too.

This one is especially amazing as it is a green area where most of the important museums of Rotterdam are located.

Running in Rotterdam

There are amazing parks in Rotterdam, too

Definitely a spot where you can spend several hours, but also amazing for a quick run through the park.

After leaving this park, I was back in the real Rotterdam with its several skyscrapers and its outstanding architecture.

Arriving at Hilton Rotterdam 8.5 kilometers later, I was not feeling any “pain” anymore as running in Rotterdam definitely was amazing. I can just fully recommend to give it a try yourself!


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