Chicago: Top things to do and see

Chicago has played a huge role as a forerunner in the 19th century when it comes to skyscrapers and architecture. Even though skyscrapers are nothing too special anymore nowadays as the record for the highest building in the world is broken regularly, Chicago still is very interesting and has much to offer. Read what’s top to see and do in Chicago next to the skyscrapers!

  1. Get an impression of Millennium Park

As the name already says, Millennium Park was planned to open in 2000.

Millennium Park Chicago

Millennium Park Chicago

Having plenty of attractions, Millennium Park Chicago became a popular recreation area.

  1. Gawk at amazing Cloud Gate

One of the attractions causing such a high popularity of Millennium Park surely is Cloud Gate, also known as The Bean.

Cloud Gate The Bean Chicago

Cloud Gate

The Cloud Gate is not only amazing to look at, but also for taking unique photos!

  1. Spend some time by Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is a huge lake in the USA with a surface bigger than the one of Switzerland. Not any surprisingly, many cities lay around it.

Chicago Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Chicago is just one of them. Even though not having a beach there, it is still very enjoyable to spend some time by the lake.

  1. Visit Adler Planetarium Chicago

You might not have heard about Adler Planetarium Chicago yet, but it’s actually world-famous.

Chicago Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium

Located at Lake Michigan, Adler Planetarium exhibits all about astronomy. All about space, planetary systems and research about that till today can be found there.

  1. Enjoy Navy Pier

Navy Pier is now hundred years old and is a pier that juts into Lake Michigan.

Chicago Navy Pier

Moreover, Navy Pier is the most popular tourist attraction in Chicago housing several attractions like a cinema, Ferris Wheel and museums.

  1. Hold on for breathtaking skyline views

No matter whether you are at Adler Planetarium, at Navy Pier or somewhere by Lake Michigan.

Skyline Chicago

Hold on for a second, turn around and enjoy breathtaking views of the skyline of Chicago.

  1. Look up high to the Trump Tower

Donald Trump is a name you most definitely have heard about due to the coming presidential election.

Chicago Trump Tower

Trump Tower

Actually a businessman, many buildings are named after him. So is the Trump Tower, a skyscraper in Chicago which happens to be the second highest building in the city.

  1. Be impressed by Union Station

Chicago Union Station is a very busy station. To be more precise, the third busiest station in the whole United States of America.

Chicago Union Station

Chicago Union Station

Admittedly, this is special, but not the real deal. What’s really interesting about Union Station Chicago is that the station dates back to 1925!

  1. Visit Willis Tower

Here we are, the highest building in Chicago and the second highest building in the States: Willis Tower.

Chicago Willis Tower

Chicago Willis Tower

When the weather is clear, I guess it is one of a kind to go up to the visitor’s deck. But as you can imagine, this has a price. Spectacular for sure!

  1. Walk the Magnificent Mile

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is probably the most famous shopping street in the city. Exclusive stores, restaurants as well as elegant hotels can be found here.

Ivy Boutique Hotel King Suite

Ivy Boutique Hotel is located near Mag Mile

Even if you are not here for shopping, getting an impression of it is definitely a must-do!


More about Chicago can be found on our city page!


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  1. I’d also highly recommend a visit to Milton Lee Olive Park for a beautiful view of the city 🙂 And if you can brave the cold, get up early and head to Millennium Park for a few uninterrupted shots of the bean!

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