Hotel Review: Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach is one of the best rated hotels on the Garden Route. Located in Hermanus and awarded with five stars, we expected a lot of Mosselberg on Grotto Beach. As you’ll read in our review, what is offered doesn’t really match the very positive reviews. In the South African winter, Mosselberg on Grotto Beach is not recommendable.

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Mosselberg on Grotto Beach is a boutique hotel in Hermanus. It is located a little further away from the city center, but right next to the beautiful Grotto Beach.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Pinotage Suite
  • Month of Stay: August

While we expected the hotel to be somewhat beachfront, it is located a mere two hundred meters away from the beach.

Mosselberg on Grotto Public Areas

The property looks very nice when entering

The view is fine, but not as spectacular as you may expect when checking out the pictures on the hotel’s website.

So did Mosselberg on Grotto Beach at least shine due to its good service? It didn’t.

Pinotage Suite at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

Our welcome to Mosselberg on Grotto Beach was rather strange as nobody really knew that we were coming. After we sorted this out, we were shown to the Pinotage Suite which is the lowest category bookable in winter.

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Pinotage Suite

First view of the Pinotage Suite at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

The suite itself is rather spacious and has a nice balcony with partial views of the ocean. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a suite as it’s more a large room with a small dressing room.

The room itself is equipped with a large bed, a working table as well as a relaxation area with two armchairs and ottomans and also a little kitchen. The design was tasteful and cozy, but there were two very big downsides anyway.

First, the room was not heated properly and the only heater available just wasn’t strong enough to make the temperature any comfortable. Second, Wi-Fi was not working at all. After one hour of sorting out problems by the staff, we finally had some connection.

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Pinotage Suite

The view of the beach and the sea is quite nice

However, it was extremely weak and bad during our complete stay.

Bathroom of the Pinotage Suite

Let’s get back to something more positive. The bathroom of the Pinotage Suite at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach is spacious and comes with two sinks, a bathtub, a large shower and a toilet.

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Pinotage Suite

Bathroom of the Pinotage Suite at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

There’s also some daylight, making the bathroom very enjoyable. Toiletries were available in larger bottles which is fine to me.

Special amenities like bathing salts were also a very nice surprise. Sadly, the bathroom never got really warm either.

Taking a shower when the temperature in the room is just 15 degrees Celsius is everything but enjoyable. Definitely sad as we liked the bathroom besides this downside.

Public Areas of Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

As I already mentioned, Mosselberg on Grotto Beach is a boutique hotel. That said, I didn’t expect a lot of the facilities offered.

Mosselberg on Grotto Pool

The pool has a nice size for lap swimming

In this case, I was even positively surprised. Even though there is no gym, there is a rather nice pool in the courtyard with several loungers around. It was not possible to use it in winter, but it actually looked very good. There’s also a small restaurant where breakfast and dinner (on request only) is served.

Here you can also enjoy beautiful views of the beach! Last but not least, there’s another room with a small library, a snooker table, a television and comfortable couches which looked like a decent place, especially when you are staying at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach with a group.

Breakfast at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

As you can see, not everything at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach was a disappointment. Breakfast for example was good, too. Even though we had breakfast in South Africa, the atmosphere at Mosselberg at Grotto Beach was very nice.

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

With only a few other guests, breakfast felt very private and intimate. The buffet itself was rather average with the usual breakfast items like cold cuts, cheese, jams, pastries, mueslis and some fruit salad.

Neither the choice nor the quality was really outstanding, but the service was friendly and the freshly prepared omelets were very tasty. Overall, the breakfast at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach was totally fine!

Bottom line Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

Even though not everything was bad at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach, we were rather disappointed when leaving, especially as the hotel is rather expensive for South Africa. The property has a nice location and the views of the beach are totally stunning, but I wouldn’t recommend to stay in winter anyway.

Mosselberg on Grotto Beach Pinotage Suite

The rooms at Mosselberg are nice, but there are many things to improve

The suites are not properly heated and the staff seems to be rather disinterested in guests in this season. Other problems like the horrible Wi-Fi are worth a side notice. The property has potential and I’m sure it’s much nicer in summer. So, if you are travelling in another season, you may give Mosselberg on Grotto Beach a try.

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