Train Review: Berlin-Warszawa-Express (Second Class)

The Berlin-Warszawa Express may not be the fastest way to get from the city center of Berlin to Warsaw, but it definitely is the most comfortable one. The train is operated by Polish Railways (PKP) and offers seating in two classes. While we’ll review the First Class later, this review features the Second Class in the Berlin-Warszawa Express.

The Berlin-Warszawa Express may have a special name, but it actually is a normal EuroCity train operated by Polish Railways. Some of the cars have a special “Berlin-Warszawa Express” painting, but others are just normal PKP cars.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

On route, you can admire the nature in Poland

Taking usual delays into account, it takes approximately six hours from one city to the other. While flying is definitely the faster mode on this route, the Berlin-Warszawa Express is a good alternative.

Seating in the Berlin-Warszawa Express

As I already mentioned, there are different cars which operate on this route. As you’ll have to reserve your seat in advance without knowing where you’ll sit in the end, it’s a little bit like roulette. While pretty much all cars are compartment cars, there are very few open plan cars, too.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

Seating in an open plan car of the Berlin-Warszawa-Express

When it comes to the age of the cars, there are large differences, too. Nevertheless, seating in the Second Class of the Berlin-Warszawa Express is rather comfortable even though some of the compartments definitely need a refurbishment rather sooner than later.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

Seating in a compartment car of the Berlin-Warszawa-Express

The compartments come with six seats each in a three-three configuration. Each seat is rather spacious in width. The seat pitch is okay, but may be limited if someone tall is sitting on the opposite side. Nearly all compartments come with air-conditioning and a closable curtain for more privacy.

Yet, I personally found it bothersome that most compartments come with one or two small tables at best. This makes working in the Berlin-Warszawa Express extremely tough.

Food in the Berlin-Warszawa Express

The Berlin-Warszawa Express is not any different to other Polish trains. This definitely is a positive thing as even in Second Class, there are complimentary drinks. From time to time, you are offered a free hot (coffee or tea) or cold (sparkling or still water) drink.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

You can buy snacks for a relatively fair price or eat in the restaurant

If you take the Berlin-Warszawa Express from Berlin to Warszawa or the other round, you are offered drinks three times. Sometimes you also get a small snack like a small chocolate, too. Besides that, you can buy something from mobile vendors which usually sell other drinks as well as small snacks like muffins or chocolate bars.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

There are rubbish bins throughout the train

The Berlin-Warszawa Express also comes with a board restaurant which is known for relatively high quality. In the restaurant, you may enjoy several different dishes as well as a wide range of snacks. Dishes are also prepared for takeaway. Overall, catering of the Berlin-Warszawa Express is very good for a long-distance train.

Entertainment in the Berlin-Warszawa Express

There’s not much to say about entertainment in the Berlin-Warszawa Express. There is no board magazine, there are no newspapers and there are no monitors in Second Class. Yet, you may make use of the complimentary Wi-Fi which is available in Poland only. The service is relatively fast, but gets worse from time to time if used by several people in the same car.

Bottom line Berlin-Warszawa Express

Even though there’s a faster way from Berlin to Warszawa, I personally prefer the train as it departs and arrives in the city center of the two capitals. Seating is comfortable, the Wi-Fi service is an amazing addition and food is good.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express Second Class

The Berlin-Warszawa-Express is a comfortable way to get from one capital to another

All this makes taking the Berlin-Warszawa Express, even in Second Class, more comfortable than flying. You may also board the train in cities like Frankfurt (Oder) or one of the stops in Poland including Poznan.


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11 Comments on “Train Review: Berlin-Warszawa-Express (Second Class)”

  1. To be honest, that sounds pretty impressive to me – complimentary drinks and excellent wi-fi on a second class train journey is a lot better than the equivalent we would get here in London!

    • It was indeed a very positive surprise. Most European trains come without Wi-Fi (even in First Class!). Hopefully this will change anytime soon 🙂

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  5. we travelled from Berlin to Warsaw a couple of weeks ago 2nd class and echo all your positive comments about the journey: we’d also point out that the seat booking only seems to be to make sure the train’s not overcrowded because once you’re on you can go and sit anywhere free and for us this meant one of the entirely empty compartments (despite being booked into the open saloon like seemingly everyone else!)… but either way, we’d also recommend spending a lot of the long journey in the restaurant car where there’s extremely good beer and good food at really low prices

    • Hey Mike, thanks for your comment. The train is indeed quite a nice way for a ride from Berlin to Warsaw despite it not being very quick. It’s actually the norm that you can sit wherever you want in European trains, despite there being a duty of reservation for many trains 🙂

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