Venice is a city without cars or actual streets. In Venice, you get from A to B via boat and the streets are canals. There are some bridges as well, but strolling through the very small alleys really is something unique! All about our experiences and thus recommendations will be published in a few weeks when we have explored a little more.

Venice Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute



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    • No, not really. The concierge told us that in December, it is 24 % of the summer tourism. I still wonder: Where do all these people fit in summer?

  1. Look forward to seeing more posts on Venice – one of my favourite cities in the world! My parents came from this region and I have visited a number of times … it’s truly unique and magical and I have wonderful memories. Enjoy it all.

    • Do you still have family in Venice? Sounds like a unique place to live! But I realized that the infrastructure of goods must be really difficult…

      • Yes, all the goods are shipped in via boat. My relatives live outside of Venice, about an hour away – but still very accessible.

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