City Guide: Bucharest

Bucharest is one of the lesser touristic capitals in Eastern Europe. Romania is a comparable poor country which can also partly be seen in its capital Bucharest. Nevertheless, a city trip to Bucharest sounds right perfect, as not everything in Bucharest is just shiny like in Prague or in Budapest, but rather adequate and real. This city review of Bucharest shows Romania’s capital through the eyes of travelers!

The good thing about Eastern Europe is that transportation to and from the airport is definitely affordable, even cheap.

Bucharest Transportation Bus

The not so good thing is that public transport is mostly not modern or very convenient, but at least exists and is safe.

Victory Square Bucharest

Surprisingly, there are very good hotels in Bucharest. As we chose the Athénée Palace Hilton, we started exploring Bucharest at the famous Victory Square.

Victory Square Bucharest

Victory Square Bucharest

Walking the rather big street down, there are many interesting things to see such as Ateneul Concert Hall Romania, the Galateca Gallery with a statue of Carol I, Romania’s first king, in front of it.

Ateneul Romana Concert Hall

Ateneul Romana Concert Hall

Bucharest Galacteca Gallery

Galacteca Gallery

When strolling there, keep an eye out for small churches/chapels hidden between the regular buildings!

Architecture in Bucharest

Very important about architecture in Bucharest is the fact that most buildings are historic. However, it is not very common in Eastern Europe to practice maintenance.

While they must once have been very beautiful, some buildings are totally dilapidated. This is nothing special in just parts, but rather one well-maintained house right next to a ruin. Very interesting for sure!

Museums in Bucharest

Even if you have no idea about Romania’s past, let me tell you something: It is very rich. Accordingly, many museums focusing on different aspects can be found throughout the city.

Olympic Museum Bucharest

Olympic Museum Bucharest

National Museum Bucharest

National Museum Bucharest

Village Museum Bucharest

Village Museum Bucharest

Popular for being very interesting are the Village Museum as well as the Peasant Museum. But also the National Museum as well as the Olympic Museum are worth the time for sure.

Churches in Bucharest

As I already mentioned, there are many churches, chapels, basilicas and even synagogues spread throughout the city of Bucharest.

Here are some examples, but be sure that these are by far not all.

National Library Bucharest

About 13 million items are collected at the National Library of Romania in Bucharest.

Bucharest National Library Romania

When seeing the building itself, one might not think of it being over 150 years old, established in 1859!

Palace of the Parliament

Probably the most impressive building of the country. The Palace of the Parliament is just huge, a delusion of grandeur.

Palace of the Parliament Bucharest

Palace of the Parliament Bucharest

Built during one of the darkest times of Romania, the Palace houses nowadays – surprise! – Romania’s parliament. It is possible to get inside, but not for free.

Old Town and alleys

Old Town is basically the area where Bucharest is said to be founded in the Medieval Ages. Thus, the old town is not as clearly remarkable as in other cities.

Old Town Bucharest

Again, the mix of well-maintained houses and abandoned buildings is kind of fascinating. Just stroll around and don’t be afraid of going in the very small alleys.

Bucharest Alley

Bucharest is a very safe city, don’t worry. Surely, Bucharest might not be as shiny as Prague for example, but in my opinion, it shows a way fairer image of Eastern Europe and how people live in the capital!


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6 Comments on “City Guide: Bucharest”

  1. Congratulations on your very balanced city review. I have been many times in Bucharest and totally agree with you. Bucharest is really a city with a high contrast everywhere. The craziest I have ever witnessed in this city was a Mansory Rolls Royce (Mansory is a tuning company – if you need more luxury for your car) next to us in the traffic jam. Right behind it: a probably 30+ year old Dacia.

    • When hearing this, I’m definitely not surprised. City of contrasts is a very fitting term for Bucharest! Thanks a lot for stopping by 🙂

  2. Hi! Nice to read about my capital-city on your blog! Very good article! I recommend you to visit also Transylvania. It is much more nicer than the capital city! 🙂

  3. I really like your main photo with the People Palace. I’ve been to Bucharest a few times and I’m happy to see that there are some other people who went there 🙂 Next time when you are in Bucharest try the People Palace guided tour, I found it quite interesting. Also, I would recommend some of the well-known local restaurants, Romanian traditional food is delicious.

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