Special: Pools in South Africa

Pools in South Africa? This headline may sound weird, but it’s actually the anchor for a funny story. As our frequent readers know, we’ve been on a longer journey through South Africa in August. Even though we enjoyed South Africa to the utmost, we had one major problem: we were not able to make use of most of the hotel pools.

When I think of pool maintenance, I usually think of a few hours on a single day. Well, in South Africa the story is totally different. Maintenance seems to take place for a full month, August to be precise. It’s not all about maintenance, however.

Mosselberg on Grotto Pool

Way too cold: Outdoor pool at Mosselberg on Grotto Beach

Some pools were also just not heated and though not usable as being way to cold. Anyway, it definitely was a funny story we had to chuckle about for the full two weeks.

Temperature, temperature, temperature

Sure, August means winter in South Africa, but did this stop us from enjoying the 20 degree Celsius in Port Elizabeth? Not at all. Well, that’s why I decided to give the pool of Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth, the first hotel, a try.

Radisson Blu Port Elizabeth Pool

12 degrees Celsius are definitely not enough for swimming

I felt a little watched by the employees laughing when entering the pool. After dipping in, I instantly understood their interest. The pool had approximately 10 degrees Celsius. I couldn’t really move for a minute and left the pool after just a single leg again.

Hilton Cape Town Pool

Hilton Cape Town was one of many more hotels with freezingly cold pools

At least, the staff told me that I’m brave. Better than nothing! Other pools that we were not able to use due to the temperature were the ones of Mosselberg on Grotto Beach, Hilton Cape Town, Zulu Camp at Shambala and The Maslow Sandton. Not the best quota!

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance

Cold temperature was one issue, but by far not the only one. Manor House at Fancourt Hotel George, for example, does not only offer an outdoor, but also an amazing indoor pool. Well, in August it got renovated.

Fancourt Hotel George Fitness Center

At Fancourt Hotel George, the Spa pool was closed during our stay

Feels a little bit like bad luck. Yet, it didn’t take us long to stumble upon a similar experience. Arriving at The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town, we were told the pool is under maintenance for the full month. Sometimes you are just not any lucky.

The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town Pool

Maintenance in August: Pool at The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town

Even though we thought that we released ourselves from this curse after coming back, we definitely did not. Arriving at Le Bristol Paris, we were told that we were lucky arriving on a Saturday as the regular maintenance would be taking place starting Monday.

Pool Le Bristol Paris

Our bad luck went on with a maintenance at Le Bristol Paris

Well, it didn’t take more than an hour until we got updated that the maintenance is starting two days earlier. By the way, we really enjoy pools (if we are able to use them)!


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6 Comments on “Special: Pools in South Africa”

  1. Hey Moritz! Nice collection of pools! While not as prestigous, have you managed to capture and Christmas Trees on display at any Hotels? Last year in Mazatlan, all the Hotels had Christmass trees, and I have started posting a few styles that I have found around school, but try and catch and real sophisticated styles if possible.

  2. I love hotel pools! I have also experienced hotel employees in SA laughing at me and even telling me that I’m crazy for swimming in what they thought was icy cold water. After hearing I’m a Finn, they weren’t that amazed any more 😉

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