Athens: Top things to do and see

Athens, the capital of Greece, definitely has a gigantic historical meaning. Several legends about the Greece gods and goddesses are known all over the world. One goddess is even responsible for the name of Athens. Nowadays, the Greek capital is a great destination for those interested in culture and history as many of the antic relics still exist. But what’s really worth seeing and doing in Athens?

  1. Watch the sunset at Mount Lycabettus

Lycabettus is a mount – well, hill – in Athens which is remarkable in the skyline. Even though you might hope that there is nothing important up there so that you don’t have to climb it, I have to disappoint you: There is.

View of Lycabettus Athens

Not only is Mount Lycabettus found in several legends, but also is the Chapel of St. George up there. However, it is definitely more impressive to enjoy breathtaking views of Athens which is even more beautiful when the sun sets.

View from Lycabetus Hill of Athens

It is up to you whether you climb the hill or use the Teleferik.

  1. Search for “hidden” relics throughout Athens

When exploring different parts of Athens and strolling around in the alleys, keep an eye out for “hidden” relics.

Relics in Athens

In between the buzzling life, there are historical places with ancient pillars for example.

  1. Climb the Acropolis in morning hours

The Acropolis is a must do, ain’t it? However, everyone wants to see it and believe me, Athens is a very touristic city.

Athens Acropolis

But as you can enjoy amazing views from the Acropolis as well and the cultural and historical aspect cannot be denied, I suppose you get up early and climb the acropolis in the morning hours. Like this, it will be less crowded and the day can be used to the utmost!

  1. Enjoy panoramas of Athens

Athens is no city like any other. Especially the Greek style of architecture and the white houses are worth a special mention.

View from Lycabetus Hill of Athens

Thus, just don’t miss holding on for a second and look around when you are up high and have the chance. 360° over Athens depending on where you are!

  1. Admire the Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Odeon of Herodes Atticus is comparable to a theater.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus Athens

Even if not as old as the Theater of Dionysos which is considered as the oldest theater of the world, Odeon of Herodes Atticus can be admired from the top as it is located near Acropolis.

  1. Travel time with Erechtheum and Parthenon

Have you ever dreamed of travelling back in time? Well, when seeing Erechtheum, you will probably feel like doing it. Lonely upon Acropolis, Erechtheum is a Greek Temple which has been built in the 5th century BC!

Erechtheum Acropolis Athens

Same goes for Parthenon.

Parthenon Acropolis Athens


However, Parthenon got partly destroyed in the 17th century.

  1. Buy water and stay hydrated

Except for winter which means the months December to March, it is pretty hot in Athens in average, especially in summer where 40° Celsius are nothing unusual.


Thus, always have a bottle of water with you whilst exploring. Thanks to a law, a bottle of water (half a liter) always cost 50 cents, whether at McDonald’s or on the street.

  1. Stay outside the Panathinaiko Stadium

After most likely having paid for getting up Acropolis or using the Teleferik or seeing any other historical relic, just stay outside the Panathinaiko Stadium.

Panathinaiko Stadium Athens 2

Honestly, it looked great from the outside, so no need to go that extra mile and spend that extra money on that. Rather buy a well-deserved ice cream.


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