Running in Bucharest

Running in Bucharest is nothing one might think about being totally amazing. Yet, the combination of good weather and several impressive buildings made running in Bucharest very enjoyable. Not to forget about the many parks which make running in Bucharest so enjoyable.

Weather is always an issue when it comes to running.

Running in Bucharest

Map of my run through Bucharest (tracked by Runtastic)

Even though I go out no matter how bad the weather is, it was amazing that when I started running in Bucharest, the sun was shining.

  • Distance: 6 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 60 Meters
  • Calories burned: 375-425
  • Month: November
  • Weather: Clear sky with some clouds

The temperature was decent for running, too. There definitely can’t be any better start to a running experience!

The Palace Hall and Cismigu Park

After leaving Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest, I decided to run in the direction of Cismigu Park, the largest and oldest public park in Bucharest.

Running in Bucharest The Palace Hall

The Palace Hall is a venue for events today

The first impressive building I spotted was the Palace Hall which is located on the back side of the National Museum which you’ll be able to admire later in this guide.

Through some rather unspectacular residential streets, I finally reached Cismigu Park after approximately one kilometer.

Running in Bucharest Cismigu Park

Cismigu Park is the oldest city park in Bucharest

I was instantly amazed by the lovely nature and the amazing architecture. Single chairs rather than benches, specially designed bridges and several sculptures make Cismigu Park very enjoyable.

However, the lack of water (usually, there are two big lakes) made parts of the park look really sad.

The incredible Palace of Parliament

When leaving Cismigu Park, you’ll spot some interesting historic buildings and a nice channel which is crossing the city.

Next is the Izvor Park, a large, but rather unspectacular park with some trees and a lot of green spaces. Yet, definitely no place to spend too much time at.

Running in Bucharest

The impressive Palace of the Parliament from distance

Especially as you’ll already see an extremely impressive building on the horizon: The Palace of Parliament, which was once described as a “Madness Palace” due to its sheer size with 3.600 rooms and 360.000 square meters.

It was once built by communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, but is nowadays used by the elected parliament.

Running in Bucharest

Absolutely impressive: The Palace of Parliament

Even though the building is everything but popular, it is at least extremely interesting to have a look at!

Boulevard Unirii and Union Square

On the opposite site of the Palace of Parliament, you’ll find a very symmetric part of the city. Boulevard Unirii (Union Boulevard) is very impressive, too.

Running in Bucharest

The Union Boulevard is a nice avenue to promenade

Not only are all buildings rather the same historic style, but the symmetry of the whole boulevard is stunning.

Moreover, it’s actually quite nice to go running on the boulevard which leads to Union Square (Piata Unirii), one of the biggest and most spectacular squares in the city.

You can also find the biggest shopping center in the city center at Union Square which definitely is photo-worthy.

Museums, the university and the Athenaeum

On my way back, I spotted several more interesting buildings. While the inner city is rather unspectacular when it comes to architecture, there are several interesting buildings right next to one of the biggest streets in the city center.

Not only can you find several museums in historic buildings, but also the University of Bucharest. Even more interesting are the Memorial of Rebirth, the National Museum and the Athenaeum which are all located very close to Athénée Palace Hilton Bucharest.

These lovely impressions were the end of my very interesting run through Bucharest. While running in Bucharest may not be totally amazing, it is yet extremely interesting as you’ll spot dozens of historic buildings with a different background and vintage.


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