Transportation in Rotterdam

Rotterdam has a modern and well-developed transportation system. This makes transportation in Rotterdam absolutely flawless and very easy for everyone who wants to get from A to B with public transport. Taxis are also available, but slightly more expensive than the means of public transportation. Nearly all means of transportation are accessible.

Transportation in Rotterdam is organized by a combination of a metro, trams, buses and some ships with the latter playing a minor role in the transportation system.

Rotterdam Central Station

Rotterdam Central Station is the transportation hub in Rotterdam

At the stylish Rotterdam Central Station, you may also catch trains to all other cities in the Netherlands as well as several international trains to countries like Germany, France or Belgium.

Metro in Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s metro is the oldest in the Benelux countries and still one of the best developed networks in the region. Yet, it is worth noting that the metro system is not really comparable to the metro in other cities as it covers very long distances, has just a few stops in the city center and connects Rotterdam with several cities in the approximate including The Hague. Yet, the metro in Rotterdam is an amazing means of transport if you need to get fast from one point to another. The accessible cars are all very modern and even come with complimentary Wi-Fi. The most important stop of the Rotterdam Metro is Beurs in the city center of Rotterdam where all five lines meet.

Metro lines in Rotterdam:

  • Line A: Schiedam Centrum – Beurs – Binnenhof
  • Line B: Schiedam Centrum – Beurs – Nesselande
  • Line C: De Akkers – Beurs – De Terp
  • Line D: De Akkers – Beurs – Rotterdam Central
  • Line E: Slinge – Beurs – Den Haag Central

Trams in Rotterdam

For transportation in the city center of Rotterdam, the trams are the best choice. There are nine regularly operating lines in total. Except line 2 which is operating on the other side of the river only, all lines stop at Rotterdam Central. Moreover, there are dozens of other exchange stations between the tram and the metro.

Tram in Rotterdam

There are some historic trams in Rotterdam, too

Three further lines operate for special events or in summer (line 10 is operating for touristic purposes). The numbering of the tram lines may be a little puzzling as it starts with 2 and ends with 25 with several numbers missing in-between. Nevertheless, trams in Rotterdam are a fast, convenient and very comfortable means of transport.

Regular tram lines in Rotterdam:

  • Line 2: Groene Tuin – Charlois
  • Line 4: Molenlaan – Spangen
  • Line 7: Woudestein – Willemsplein
  • Line 8: Kleiweg – Spangen
  • Line 20: Lombardijen – Rotterdam Central
  • Line 21: De Esch – Schiedam-Woudhoek
  • Line 23: Beverwaard – Marconiplein
  • Line 24: De Esch – Vlaardingen-Holy
  • Line 25: Carnisselande – Schiebroek

Buses in Rotterdam

In addition to the trams and the metro, transportation in Rotterdam is heavily relying on buses. There are several lines which are operating in the city center and the suburbs of the city. One of the bus lines, line 33, connects Rotterdam Central with the airport.

Buses in Rotterdam

Buses are very important for transportation in Rotterdam

All of the buses are modern and accessible and though can be used by everyone. Be aware of the fact that public transportation in Rotterdam relies on the so-called OV-Chipcard which you need prior boarding buses, trams or the metro. One hour tickets are also available at the driver or conductor.

Taxis in Rotterdam

Taxis in Rotterdam are very safe and convenient. Yet, the taxis are rather expensive compared to the public transportation. The usual initial fare is 3 Euro (~ 3.20 US-Dollar), while every further kilometer is charged 2.10 Euro (~ 2.20 US-Dollar).

Taxi in Rotterdam

Taxis are slightly more expensive than the public transport

With these prices, rides from the city center to Rotterdam The Hague Airport, which is located very close to the city, cost approximately 25 Euro (~ 26.50 US-Dollar).

  • The base fare for taxis in Rotterdam is 3 Euro (~ 3.20 US-Dollar)
  • Every further kilometer is charged 2.10 Euro (~ 2.20 US-Dollar)
  • Rides to the airport cost approximately 25 Euro (~ 26.50 US-Dollar)

Other means of transport in Rotterdam

Due to its location right at the Nieuwe Maas, water plays an important role in Rotterdam. There are both, watertaxi and waterbus services in Rotterdam. The waterbus services operate on regular routes which all stop at Dordrecht. Another important station is Rotterdam Erasmusbrug.

Waterbus in Rotterdam

The waterbus is a cool alternative when it comes to transportation

While the waterbus definitely is a special means of transport, it is mainly interesting for locals as there are few stops in the city center in Rotterdam. The watertaxi services instead are more interesting for tourists as they have several more stops in the city center.


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