Lounge Review: SAS Lounge Brussels

SAS Lounge Brussels is a rather surprising lounge on Brussels Airport. Located right next to The Loft by Brussels Airlines which we’ll review later, SAS Lounge Brussels seems rather useless. Yet, the second Star Alliance lounge at Brussels Airport is actually a decent place to spend your time if The Loft is too crowded by the time of your departure.

This lounge is closed and there are no plans to reopen it as of now.

We didn’t really expect to find two different Star Alliance lounges at Brussels Airport. Yet, we took the opportunity to pay the lounge a visit nevertheless.

SAS Lounge Brussels View

SAS Lounge Brussels is located close to most gates

Located airside and close to most boarding gates, SAS Lounge Brussels looks like a good choice to spend the time prior to departure at first sight.

However, the newly renovated lounge of Brussels Airlines next door offers the better food spread and the better technical features. Nevertheless, there are some advantages of the SAS Lounge Brussels, too.

Seating in the SAS Lounge Brussels

SAS Lounge Brussels comes with the typical Scandinavian design. The furniture is mostly made out of wood and looks very minimalistic.

SAS Lounge Brussels Seating

The design of the lounge is typical Scandinavian

However, this definitely isn’t a bad thing even though you may feel a little bit like you are visiting an IKEA store. There are several different seating arrangements in the SAS Lounge Brussels.

Bar-style seating, dining tables with regular chairs and relaxing armchairs are just three out of many more seat arrangements. Everything looks quite modern and is rather comfortable.

SAS Lounge Brussels Seating

There are large windows on two sides of the lounge

When it comes to relaxed seating, the SAS Lounge definitely isn’t a bad choice at Brussels Airport. That’s especially true as the lounge is very bright and has partial tarmac views.

Buffet in the SAS Lounge Brussels

I’m not really sure what to say about the buffet at the SAS Lounge Brussels. The offerings were neither bad nor especially good.

SAS Lounge Brussels Buffet

The selection on the buffet is slightly limited

There was a selection of cold cuts and cheeses as well as some other cold snacks including olives and other vegetables. Moreover, there were some rolls, croissants, pastries, one cake and some fruits.

The only hot dish available was a soup which you may eat with either white or brown toast. The quality was okay, but nothing spectacular at the same time. Overall, I definitely won’t keep the offerings at SAS Lounge Brussels in mind for long, but there’s nothing to be critical about at the same time.

SAS Lounge Brussels Buffet

You can grab a snack at SAS Lounge Brussels, but there are no real meals

The drink offerings are rich and include several different kinds of alcohol including spirits, beer and wine.

Entertainment at the SAS Lounge Brussels

The SAS Lounge Brussels is well-equipped with newspapers. There are papers in more than a dozen different languages and there’s enough of everything available.

Moreover, there are several magazines in different languages. Additionally, you may also make use of one of the computers provided complimentary. There’s also Wi-Fi, but it comes with limited free access for just one hour.

SAS Lounge Brussels Computers

There’s also a little business corner in the SAS Lounge Brussels

If you are not in the mood to make use of the Wi-Fi, you may also enjoy watching a news channel on one of the televisions in the lounge.

Bottom line SAS Lounge Brussels

Taking into account that Wi-Fi access is limited and the buffet being rather average, the SAS Lounge Brussels doesn’t sound like an ideal airport lounge. That said, the main advantage of the SAS Lounge at Brussels Airport is that it is usually way less crowded than the other Star Alliance Lounge of the airport.

SAS Lounge Brussels Washroom

The washrooms are spacious and well cleaned

So, if The Loft is too busy at the time of your departure, the SAS Lounge is a very good alternative for working in a comfortable atmosphere and enjoying a little snack accompanied by one or another drink.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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