Train Review: Express InterCity Premium (First Class)

The Express InterCity Premium (EIP) of Polish Railways is the prestige project of the growing company. The train is a modern high-speed train which replaces old InterCity trains on the most important routes like Warsaw–Gdansk or Warsaw–Krakow. I had the pleasure to test the new train in First Class and enjoyed a great experience.

The Express InterCity Premium looks more than just stylish from the outside. The train has a very interestingly shaped nose which makes it aerodynamic. At all times, I saw an EIP it was very clean and looked absolutely brand new.

Train Review EIP First Class

Interior of a First Class car of the Express InterCity

That’s true for the inside and the outside as Polish Railways (PKP) seems to invest a lot of money to keep the train really premium. The First Class usually makes up just one or two cars, but is very spacious and comfortable.

Seating in the Express InterCity Premium

The First Class of the Express InterCity Premium is compartment style with a 2-1 configuration.

Train Review EIP First Class

One of the seat arrangements in EIP First Class

All seats are spacious and modernly shaped for more comfort. Something I really like is the idea to use fabric seats instead of leather even in First Class. The latter is always somewhat cold and looks worn out very soon.

Seating in First Class of the Express InterCity Premium does also mean having one’s very own table as each seat comes with one. There are also some seats facing another one or two seats (depending on whether you seat in the one or two seat row) which have larger and not movable tables.

As the atmosphere in the Firs Class of the EIP is very exclusive and the car feels very airy and bright due to large windows and a modern design, I can definitely recommend seating in the EIP. The First Class of the Express InterCity Premium may indeed be one of the most comfortable train products I’ve reviewed so far!

Food in the Express InterCity Premium

While I could keep on writing about the amazing atmosphere and seating in the Express InterCity Premium First Class, it’s worth noting some more important points in this review.

Train Review EIP First Class

Complimentary drinks in the EIP First Class

When it comes to food and drinks, you may choose two complimentary drinks each once or twice during your ride. The choice is between orange and apple juice, sparking or still water as well as coffee and tea. Additionally, you get a small complimentary snack.

The board bistro was pretty underwhelming at the same time. Even though the ride from Krakow to Warsaw is just a little longer than two hours, I was surprised that there were only small snacks and no real dishes available.

Entertainment in the Express InterCity Premium

While I loved seating and had an average opinion on food in the Express InterCity Premium, I was quite disappointed by the entertainment. Even the rather old Berlin-Warszawa Express offered Wi-Fi, but the Express InterCity Premium on my route came without any internet at all. In Polish trains, there are no complimentary newspapers in First Class, too. This means that the only entertainment in the Express InterCity Premium First Class are the overhead monitors showing some news and information as well as one (advertisement) magazine available. Definitely disappointing.

Bottom line Express InterCity Premium

Holding a First Class ticket, you usually have to pay up to also use the Express InterCity Premium. In my opinion, it is definitely worth it, at least for the exclusive and very private atmosphere.

Train Review EIP First Class

The washrooms in the EIP First Class are very modern and spacious

I also like the idea of complimentary drinks in First Class, but would like to see better offerings in the board bistro. Entertainment is lackluster, too. I’m especially curious about why there is no Wi-Fi in the premium train of PKP?

Train Review EIP First Class

Litte touches like this machine complement the Express InterCity First Class

Nevertheless, the Express InterCity Premium definitely is a luxurious train which is a level above the standard of most other trains in Europe when it comes to the hard product. You should definitely give it a try rather sooner than later!


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