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Transavia is one of the fastest growing low-cost carriers in Europe. The sub-company of Air France-KLM is especially strong in France and the Netherlands, but operates flights in several other countries, too. In our airline review of Transavia, you can learn more about the services offered and the overall experience with Transavia!

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When we decided to visit The Hague and Rotterdam, Transavia was the obvious choice for us.

  • Airplane: Boeing 737-700
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning / Noon
  • Food: Snack (for purchase)
  • Seat Pitch: 29 Inch (74 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

Even though flying with KLM to Amsterdam was also an option, we decided that we couldn’t let go of the chance to review a new airline.

Transavia Seating

Transavia has a very special design

Even though Transavia is a so-called low-cost carrier, tickets from Berlin to Rotterdam and return are not really cheap. Nevertheless, we found the value for the money to be absolutely fine.

Seating in the Transavia Boeing 737

Transavia only got Boeing 737 airplanes in its fleet. Usually, all seats are colored in a quirky green with a very special scheme.

Transavia Seating

View of the “normal” Transavia interior

However, on our return flight we flew in a former plane of the airline GOL which still had the seats of the Brazilian low-cost carrier.

Transavia Seating

View of the alternative interior in the GOL jet

Nevertheless, seating was similar in terms of seat pitch and seat width.

Both are okay, but I highly doubt that taller passengers will feel comfortable with the seat ptich. The comfort of the seats was surprisingly good even though they don’t necessarily look very comfortable.

However, the comfort may get a little worse when flying on longer routes.

Food when flying Transavia

Transavia follows a strict low-cost strategy which means that there are no complimentary food or drinks on board. However, there’s a little buy-on-board menu including some snacks, but no real dishes.

Transavia Food

Sandwich & Coke combo

We opted for a Bacon & Egg sandwich and a Coke Zero which was offered as a combo deal. Sabrina and me both had one of the sandwiches and must say that we were surprisingly satisfied about the good taste. The sandwich tasted not only very fresh, but was also very rich.

Transavia Food

The sandwich was actually quite tasty

The prices for food purchased on board an Transavia flight are a little too high for my taste, but are on the same level like most other low-cost carriers.

Entertainment when flying Transavia

Entertainment is very limited on board a Transavia plane. Passengers neither get complimentary newspapers or magazines nor can they purchase some.

Wi-Fi and in-seat entertainment are also not available. This means that the only source of entertainment offered by Transavia is the board magazine which is actually quite interesting.

Transavia Entertainment

You’ll find a board magazine, a guide for the on-board shop and a menu in your seatpocket

Compared to other low-cost carriers in Europe, that’s at least a little bit better! Besides, it’s recommendable to bring your own entertainment!

Overall impression of Transavia

More and more flights in Europe are operated by low-cost carriers. In this context, Transavia is one of the better choices in our opinion.

Transavia View

The views of the Netherlands can be quite nice while climbing

Even though the seating is rather average and definitely “feels” low-cost, I found the crews to be friendly and helpful. The purchasable food is a little expensive compared to normal prices, but reasonable considering the point of sale.

Entertainment is lackluster, but I actually didn’t expect anything else from a low-cost carrier. Would I fly Transavia again? If the price is lower than the one offered by a legacy carrier: Most definitely!

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    • It definitely is. Luckily, they start expanding again at the moment. They just opened a base with more than a dozen locations at Munich Airport!

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  3. Many thanks for this nice review on Transavia,

    You didn’t have the most recent cabin though. 🙂

    • Transavia is flying several different cabins as of now, which makes this a little challenging. I’ll have the pleasure to fly them soon again, maybe this time with the newest cabin 🙂

  4. Transavia has an ‘entertainment app’, on this app you can find movies & more that you can watch on your own device during the flight 🙂

    • That seems to be a new thing as it wasn’t available on my flights. Thanks for the update! Seems like I need to review Transavia again sometime soon 🙂

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