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Hotel Palace Berlin is one of the hotels we stay at the most each year. The combination of the benefits we get through Leaders Club and the hospitality makes us return several times a year. Since a short time, the hotel offers new and refurbished suites which are definitely worth reviewing. Having stayed at many luxury hotels in Berlin, it’s worth mentioning that these suites are some of the best.

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In the last months, there were some renovations taking place at Hotel Palace Berlin. This may have been a little bothersome for several guests, but the results are well worth the past trouble.

Hotel Palace Berlin Suite

Welcome Treatment at Hotel Palace Berlin

When arriving at Hotel Palace for the first time after the renovations, we were invited to try one of the new suites. Definitely an experience worth writing about!

Suite at Hotel Palace Berlin

The new suites at Hotel Palace Berlin don’t come with a special name, but this doesn’t make them any less attractive.

Upon entering, you find yourself in a nice closet which you may also use as a dressing area.

Hotel Palace Berlin Suite

Dressing Area of the Suite

Next is a small, but cozy living room which not only features a working desk, but also a nice lounging area with a very comfortable suite and a flat-screen television.

One of the nice touches of the new suites at Hotel Palace Berlin is the provided blanket on the couch, something I miss in many other luxury hotels.

Separated by a sliding door, we found the bedroom which is a little tiny. There’s a nice Queen Bed with two bed side tables and a rather large wooden case right in front of the bed.

This one may not look spectacular at first, but may be the highlight of the new suites for many guests.

With a remote control, you can release the extremely large flat-screen television right in front of the bed. Definitely makes you feel like you are in cinema!

Bathroom of the Suite

Our suite at Hotel Palace Berlin came with just one bathroom which is okay for us. Yet, I was a little surprised to find just a single sink which is rare in suites.

Hotel Palace Berlin Suite

Bathroom of the Suite

Beside the sink, there’s a deep-soaking tub, a separated shower with a new rain shower head and a toilet.

The bathroom of the suites still comes with the old design which features a lot of marble and looks very elegant. Yet, the bathroom is no real highlight of the new rooms for me.

Food at Hotel Palace Berlin

We reviewed breakfast at Hotel Palace Berlin twice, once we reviewed room service breakfast and once buffet breakfast. Since our last reviews, only a few things changed. The service at the breakfast restaurant became better and the offerings as well as the presentation changed to the better.

Afternoon Tea Hotel Palace Berlin

The Afternoon Tea at Hotel Palace Berlin is very variable

When it comes to the Afternoon Tea which we dedicated a special to earlier and dinner which we reviewed in our first review of Hotel Palace Berlin, not really anything changed. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that the Afternoon Tea is different every time we give it a try.

Pool & Gym at Hotel Palace Berlin

When it comes to sports at Hotel Palace Berlin, nothing changed in the last couple of months. If you are interested in these facilities, please check out this review!

Bottom line Hotel Palace Berlin

With the new suites, Hotel Palace Berlin gets an even better choice for staying in Berlin. There are many other great luxury hotels we reviewed including Hotel Adlon Kempinski, Hotel de Rome and Waldorf Astoria Berlin, but when it comes to the value for the money, there is still no competitor in sight which beats Hotel Palace Berlin.

Hotel Palace Berlin Suite

While the bathroom of the new suites is no highlight, we like the new rooms very much

The freshly designed suites may still be on the rather small side compared to suites in other hotels, but they are comfortable and cozy. At least for us, this is the most important aspect for staying in a luxury hotel.

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