Lounge Review: Atlantic Lounge Munich

Atlantic Lounge Munich is one of a few independent lounges at Munich Airport. It may be used by premium passengers and frequent flyers of several different airlines including Emirates and Air Berlin, but is also accessible for cash or by holding a membership with Priority Pass. The lounge itself is nothing to write home about and underwhelming in some regards.

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Located in the C concourse of Atlantic Lounge Munich, you must either board a non-Schengen flight or cross passport control twice to access the lounge. This effort is not taken by many persons for a reason: even though there are many airport lounges in Germany which are rather average, Atlantic Lounge Munich was especially underwhelming.

Atlantic Lounge Munich View

The view is actually okay at the Atlantic Lounge Munich

It all starts with the location. Even though there are some tarmac views, Atlantic Lounge Munich is to be found in the basement of the airport, making it extremely dark.

Seating in the Atlantic Lounge Munich

There are two different rooms at Atlantic Lounge Munich. The larger one comes with the buffet and some couch style seating.

Atlantic Lounge Munich Seating

Seating in the Atlantic Lounge

In the smaller second room, there’s some more couch style seating in a more private atmosphere.

The leather couches themselves are comfortable enough, but no place to spend too much time anyway.

Atlantic Lounge Munich Seating

The sofas are comfortable enough

What I found rather bothersome is the location and height of the tables which are pretty impossible to really make use of.

Buffet at the Atlantic Lounge Munich

Underwhelming seating usually also means an underwhelming buffet. Talking of the Atlantic Lounge Munich, this is definitely true.

Atlantic Lounge Munich Buffet

That’s pretty much the whole buffet

Even though it was not breakfast time when we visited, the offerings consisted of only some rolls, a selection of packaged cold cuts and spread as well as some yoghurts and mueslis.

For those who like drinking alcohol in the lounge, there’s a decent selection of different spirits as well as a few beers and wines. Surely, you can also grab soft drinks and make use of the provided coffee machine.

Nevertheless, I found the buffet at the Atlantic Lounge Munich to be rather underwhelming overall.

Entertainment at the Atlantic Lounge Munich

Even though the Atlantic Lounge Munich is anything but great in many regards, I found the entertainment selection to be quite good. There’s a selection of national and international newspapers, a wide array of different magazines as well as a television showing a news channel.

Atlantic Lounge Munich Newspapers

The entertainment at Atlantic Lounge is totally decent

The Wi-Fi is working stable and has a decent speed. In this regard, the Atlantic Lounge is a good spot to spend some time prior departure.

Bottom line Atlantic Lounge Munich

I wouldn’t necessarily say that the Atlantic Lounge Munich is a bad lounge, but I found the seating to be dull and the atmosphere not very relaxing. The selection at the buffet is weak, even compared to other contract lounges in Europe. The only real positive aspects are the good entertainment options and the clean restrooms. If you got lounge access, you may give Atlantic Lounge Munich a try, but if you have to pay for access, I would pass on the lounge.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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    • Thanks for sharing the review! I find the SEN Lounges to be exceptionally good compared to the “partner” lounges. I’ll have the pleasure to enjoy and review the SEN Lounge MUC in just a few days. Can’t wait!

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