Airline Review: British Airways (regional Business)

British Airways regional Business is the premium product offered on European flights by the British flag carrier. As most European carriers, there is no real Business Class seating which means that you just get Economy seats in the first rows with more legroom and a free adjacent seat. There’s also better catering and more personalized service. However, I didn’t find the British Airways regional Business Class to be extraordinary good in any regard.

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We had a decent time flying British Airways regional Economy on our trip to Manchester.

  • Airplane: Airbus 320
  • Cabin Class: Business
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Dinner
  • Seat Pitch: 30 Inch (76 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

On the way back, we decided to treat ourselves to Business Class to give the product a try. As there’s no Business Class on domestic flights, only our flight from London Heathrow to Berlin was in the upper class. It may be just an exception, but we were extremely underwhelmed by the flights.

Seating in the British Airways regional Business

As already mentioned in the teaser, the Business Class offered by British Airways in all Airbus and Boeing regional planes is configured 3-3 as Economy Class.

British Airways regional Business Class

Seat Pitch in the British Airways regional Business Class

The main differences are more generous legroom and a free adjacent seat. You may also see an advantage in earlier de-boarding as well as more room in the bins due to less passengers in the same area.

When it comes to the seat itself, you’ll most likely find the new British Airways leather seat which is a little slim, but comfortable at the same time. The seat width is average and the seat pitch is decent. In contrast, we had the old British Airways seat which was still okay as it was in a decent condition.

I’m totally fine with the seat as you can see in our Economy Class review, but I find it to be underwhelming for Business Class. Yet, that’s a problem of all European carriers and not only of British Airways.

Food in the British Airways regional Business

It may just have been a bad day for trying the British Airways regional Business Class this day, but food was another very underwhelming aspect. While I enjoyed the stuffed croissant offered in Economy Class on the way from Munich to London, I actually hated the salad offered in Business Class from London to Berlin. It’s important to know that I’m totally in love with salads, especially when it comes with chicken.

British Airways regional Business Class

The salad was totally underwhelming

In the case of British Airways, it seems like style went over quality as the different colors of the chicken were definitely a cool feature. Nevertheless, the chicken was dry and tasteless and there was also way too less dressing. The fresh bread and the panna cotta dessert were a plus, but the whole food experience was disappointing nevertheless.

Entertainment in the British Airways regional Business

I don’t want to start this part of the airline review with “underwhelming” again, but I’m not really sure what to use instead.

British Airways regional Business Class

Newspapers you get offered upon boarding

There’s a selection of newspapers and magazines which seem to be wider than the one in Economy Class, but that’s basically it. There was not even a choice of different languages when it comes to the papers.

British Airways regional Business Class

Magazines and shopping guides

Other options of entertainment besides the board magazine (also available in Economy) were not available on board this British Airways regional Business Class flight. Wi-Fi over the clouds seems to be far away.

Bottom line British Airways regional Business

I’m no fan of very negative reviews as I find the experiences to have some good and bad sides pretty much every time. In case of the British Airways regional Business, I got a tough time finding anything positive as the service was nothing to write home about, too. There was nothing particularly bad (leaving aside the salad) as well, but my expectations were not met at all nevertheless.

British Airways regional Business Class

The restrooms came with some bonus amenities

Especially for someone holding an oneworld Emerald Status and though enjoying access to the British Airways First Class Lounge at London Heathrow when flying Economy, British Airways regional Business Class is a real waste of money. I don’t see any way that paying the extra money can be really worth it.

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    • It seems to be a real BA thing to offer weak service. Be it in the lounges or in the airplane. I can’t really get this… Will definitely have to try BA Cityflyer sometime soon 🙂

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