Best Hotels in 2015

It’s Christmas Eve and this means it’s time for a very special post! In our year end series, we want to honor the top five hotels we stayed at this year. There are hundreds of amazing hotels on this planet. Surely, we were not able to stay at all in 2015, but we had the pleasure to at least enjoy some very special properties. These deserve some special Christmas honoring!

You can’t be everywhere at the same time. That’s why this post about the best hotels in 2015 is limited to the hotels we stayed at in the last year. Even though we definitely missed some amazing hotels, we had the pleasure to review more than 50 hotels in the last year. Some were a true gem and though are totally worth honoring in this post!

  1. Zulu Camp at Shambala

It can hardly get any better than this. In August, we spent three nights at Zulu Camp Shambala Game Reserve in South Africa and had the time of our lifes. As we were the only guests besides another couple which we got friends with quickly, the personal service was just amazing.

Shambala Zulu Camp

At Zulu Camp, you are sleeping in a private chalet

Not only was the resort itself totally stunning, but the private safaris, the incredible quality of the all-inclusive food and the privacy in the resort and the whole game reserve were something we definitely won’t ever forget. Shambala Game Reserve is without any doubt the best hotel we stayed at in 2015!


  1. The Knickerbocker New York City

When it comes to The Knickerbocker New York, the first thing which comes into my mind is the amazing service. And with amazing I mean amazing. Not only this year, but in all my life I never enjoyed such a warm and friendly service combined with hospitality from another world.

Welcome Treatment

The welcome treatment was one of many amazing things at The Knickerbocker

Surely, the modern rooms, the well-equipped gym, the great food and the very special, but lovely breakfast are great, too. Yet, the service is what made The Knickerbocker New York one of our best hotels in 2015.


  1. The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town

Another property we stayed at in South Africa will definitely stick in our minds, too. The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town was especially outstanding when it comes to food. We enjoyed dinner at the hotel one evening and definitely had the best dinner since months.

The Table Bay Hotel Cape Town Dinner

The dinner at The Table Bay Hotel was especially amazing

Not only was the food outstanding, but the service was also absolutely flawless. This was not very much the case at breakfast, but the incredible choice definitely made up for this. The nice room, the great view and the extremely friendly reception staff were other things that made our stay one-of-a-kind.


  1. The Langham Chicago

The Langham Chicago was the second hotel of our tour through the United States this year in February. While we didn’t have the pleasure to enjoy the food outlets, we couldn’t have had a better time in our amazing room which was the best Standard Room we ever got at any hotel.

Classic Room The Langham Chicago

The tastefully decorated room at The Langham Chicago was one of the nicest we ever had

Moreover, the relaxation facilities including an amazing gym and a very enjoyable pool with Jacuzzi are on the highest level. Definitely a property we can just encourage you to stay at!


  1. Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

Venice is a special city for sure, but Venice also comes with amazing hotels. One of these is Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice which we honestly didn’t expect to totally amaze us.

Sink Junior Suite

The bathroom of our Junior Suite at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

Yet, the traditional appointed room with an amazing bathroom, the great service (especially for Southern Europe!), the truly enjoyable dinner and the perfect service made us fall in love with Luna Hotel Baglioni. The unexpectedly great stays are the ones you’ll keep in mind!

  • Stay tuned for the extensive review of Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice which we’ll release shortly!


Selecting these five hotels was a real challenge for us. We stayed at several more amazing properties we feel like are worth mentioning at this point. These include, but are not limited to Adlon Kempinski Berlin, Conrad Bangkok, Grand Hotel Heiligendamm, Hotel de Rome Berlin, Manor House at Fancourt and Okura Prestige Bangkok. As usual, we are also interested in whether you have stayed at any of our top hotels in 2015 yet and which are the hotels you loved the most staying at last year?


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