Hotel Preview: The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman Langkawi is one of the newest resorts under the Luxury Collection brand. The Andaman Langkawi is located in a beautiful and peaceful setting next to amazing beaches and the stunning rainforest. The hotel itself offers different rooms and suites with modern interior and a wide range of activities to relax and recreate!

Langkawi is known as one of the nicest regions in the world when it comes to nature. The beaches of the islands are totally stunning and one-of-a-kind in the world.

The Andaman Langkawi Lobby

Lobby (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

Due to that, it’s not very surprising that The Andaman Langkawi comes with a stunning private beach, direct access to the beautiful rainforest and much more. Definitely a place to enjoy oneself.

Rooms at The Andaman Langkawi

The Andaman Langkawi comes with ten different room categories, all spacious and airy. The lowest room category called Deluxe Rainforest comes with 43 square meters (463 square feet) and a step out balcony.

The Andaman Langkawi Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

While the following room categories all got the same size, The Andaman Langkawi offers its guests a special treat in each and every category.

The Andaman Langkawi Luxury Room

Luxury Garden Terrace Room (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

The Luxury Garden Terrace Room, for example, comes with a spacious terrace, rainforest views and a luxurious daybed.

The Andaman Langkawi Luxury Seaview Room

Luxury Seaview Room (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

The Jacuzzi Studio Suite, also with the same size, comes with a Jacuzzi overlooking the rainforest. There’s definitely no better way to relax and indulge!

The Andaman Langkawi Jacuzzi Studio Suite

Jacuzzi Studio Suite (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

There are some larger rooms, too, but looking at the interior and the luxurious bathrooms of the normal room categories, it doesn’t look like you really need more space!

Dining at The Andaman Langkawi

As there are not many options when it comes to dining around The Andaman Langkawi, the hotel’s restaurants are of an even higher importance for guests staying at the Luxury Collection Resort.

The Andaman Langkawi Tepian Laut

Tepian Laut (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

There are four choices for either lunch or dinner that you may enjoy at The Andaman Langkawi. “Jala” offers an interesting mix of Scandinavian cuisine with Malay influences. “Tepian Laut” focuses on Asian favorites in a relaxed atmosphere and “The Japanese Restaurant” comes with, as the name suggests, Asian delights.

The Andaman Langkawi Jala

Jala (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

“The Restaurant” complements the offered selection of restaurants with Oceanic favorites and regional Asian specialties. Surely, you can also sip an amazing drink at one of the two bars of The Andaman Langkawi!

Relaxation at The Andaman Langkawi

Traveling to The Andaman Langkawi is connected with the wish of real relaxation for most travelers. Therefore, The Andaman offers a wide selection of activities you can do to come down and relax.

The Andaman Langkawi Spa

Spa (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

If you love watersports for example, you may either enjoy sailing or kayaking or windsurfing. Surely, you may also just spend your time at the beautiful beaches or at the unique rainforest swimming pool. If you look for a massage, the full-service Spa is at your full disposal. For the sportive guys, there’s not only a well-equipped gym, but also a selection of jogging routes available.

The Andaman Langkawi Gym

Gym (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

Something you definitely shouldn’t miss while relaxing at The Andaman Langkawi are nature activities. Either explore the amazing sealife by diving by the coral reefs or the rainforest next to the hotel with its uncountable number of incredible animals. You’ll definitely have a great time doing so!

Prices of The Andaman Langkawi

All of this sounds totally amazing to you? In this case, you most likely should just go and enjoy as the prices of The Andaman Langkawi are surprisingly reasonable. Depending on when you travel, rates may be as low as 700 MYR (~ 150 Euro / 165 US-Dollar) on an advanced purchase basis.

The Andaman Langkawi Executive Suite

Executive Suite (Image Source: The Andaman Langkawi /

This rate is already including taxes and services and only comes with an additional charge for breakfast. If you want to treat yourself to a Luxury Garden Room, you have to pay rates starting from 950 MYR (~200 Euro / 220 US-Dollar) which is still totally reasonable for an amazing resort like The Andaman Langkawi!

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