Special: Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town

Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town is a surprisingly affordable experience. So if you got some free time in the city, you definitely should visit Taj Cape Town. We were so impressed by the offerings and the service that we even dedicate a special post to it!

Taj Cape Town definitely impressed us as whole as you see in our hotel review. Something we’ll especially keep in mind is the Afternoon Tea which we got complimentary due to our Leaders Club Unlimited membership.

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

Set-up for the Afternoon tea at Taj Cape Town

Nevertheless, it’s also worth to pay for it as the Afternoon Tea is actually quite affordable, especially compared to what is offered! It all starts with a rich selection of premium tea, but gets even better with the food!

Savory options of the Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town

As we arrived a little late, we were offered an à la carte Afternoon Tea. This is actually not the usual way as there is a buffet offered. Nevertheless, we were promised to get a little bit of all buffet options.

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

hot savory options

When it comes to savory selection this meant that we got hot treats like little wraps or fried potato and onion balls which were more than just delicious.

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

Finger sandwiches

Additionally, there were some classic finger sandwiches with ham which were good, too.

Sweet options of the Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town

The sweet options of the Afternoon Tea were plenty on the plate we got served. Yet, we were told that it was only a small part of the things available on the buffet. That said, we were quite amazed by the quality and taste of the offerings.

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

Sweet options

Interestingly, the Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town came without scones! Sabrina also criticized that all options were on cream basis and there was rarely anything with chocolate (Sabrina is actually a sucker for chocolate!).

Overall impressions of the Afternoon Tea

While I didn’t find the lobby of Taj Cape Town to be especially inviting, the Afternoon Tea at Taj Cape Town was a very positive surprise. Service was quick, friendly and efficient. The quality of food was absolutely great and the choice we got could have hardly been any better (leaving out the chocolate issue).

Afternoon Tea Taj Cape Town

The Afternoon Tea definitely is worth a recommendation

What we especially fell in love with where the hot savory options which were so good that we even ordered a second plate. So if you want to experience something special in Cape Town, definitely pay the Taj Hotel a visit!


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