Best cities in 2015

As you may have noticed, we travel a lot. Almost every weekend, another destination is on our list. Mostly, these are city trips. We have been in cities on four different continents, although admittedly mostly in Europe due to logistic reasons. However, we decided to elect one of the cities we liked the most on each continent!

Africa: Cape Town, South Africa

During our summer holiday, we made a longer trip through South Africa. While we have been to quite a few towns, Cape Town definitely is the best city without any discussion.

Bay Cape Town 4

Cape Town is big, Cape Town is colorful and Cape Town has a rich history. Not to forget about unique Table Mountain! Long story short, Cape Town has a lot to offer including a pleasant atmosphere.

Check out our city review of Cape Town!

America: New York, USA

Travel magazines are full of information about New York. But New York is never “out”, it is and will stay the it-city.

Brooklyn Bridge New York City

New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Whether shiny Times Square of imposing Statue of Liberty, whether Brooklyn Bridge or a beautiful skyline. We couldn’t resist putting New York in, even though there are already millions of tourists each year!

More about New York can be found here!

Asia: Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok was one of our latest trips in December this year. The Thai capital fascinated us especially due to the temples.

Wat Pho Bangkok

The people are gentle, and even though we were fighting with some kind of illness hence there, we know that there are a lot of exciting things to see around the city!

Our review of Bangkok will be released soon, so stay tuned!

Europe: Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, may not be the obvious choice. But in my opinion, Vilnius definitely is underrated!

View of Vilnius

Vilnius has a beautiful old town, a rich history for sure and thus incredible historical buildings as well as some real hidden gems. Still, Vilnius is not expensive either. Budapest or Prague are totally overrun, but not Vilnius.

Read why travelling to Vilnius is well worth your time!


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  2. Interesting opinion about Bangkok and Vilnius. I haven’t been in Vilnius, but I guess several cities in the Baltic states are really underrated. I also agree with your view of Bangkok. With its food and culture, it’s a good city to start in coming to Asia.

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