Hotel Review: Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Indigo Berlin Ku’damm is one of the newest hotels in Berlin. Located very handy for the train station Zoologischer Garten, we found the name Ku’damm to be a little misleading as the hotel is actually located more than five minutes away from the Kurfürstendamm. While the service was friendly and the design definitely cool, we found the rooms to be way too small and the gym to be a “dark hole”.

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The InterContinental Hotels Group has several different hotels in Berlin including two Indigo Hotels, two Crowne Plaza Hotels and one InterContinental.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Standard Room
  • Month of Stay: November

In the last weeks, we gave three of those a try. Our first hotel review features Indigo Berlin Ku’damm, one of the newest hotels in the city.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Lobby

Lobby of Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Located just a few steps away from the train station Zoologischer Garten, the hotel has an average location for shopping as it actually is a five minute walk away from the Kurfürstendamm.

Standard Room at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

I’ve stayed at several hotels in Berlin in the last couple of years, but I hardly experienced any with such small rooms as Indigo Berlin Ku’damm.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Standard Room

Standard Room at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

The hotel building itself is already on the small side and the number of rooms is well below 100, but this doesn’t mean that the rooms are any spacious.

Upon entering the Standard Room, you’ll find some storage space on the left and the tiny bathroom on the right.

Following is the Queen Bed on the right side with two small bedside tables. In the far left corner of the room is an extremely small working desk. There’s also just a single chair in the whole room. While the design is stylish and very nice, we found it to be extremely uncomfortable that it was pretty much impossible to access the bed from two sides as the room was that tiny.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Standard Room

The complimentary coffee machine was a nice treat

Additionally, the view was rather boring and the minibar was a joke to put it mildly. Nevertheless, it’s also worth noting that there was a decent coffee machine with some capsules which definitely is a plus point for Indigo Berlin Ku’damm.

Bathroom of the Standard Room

There are not many words to lose about the bathroom of the Standard Room at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Standard Room

Bathroom at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

As the bathroom is even more tiny than the room (yes, that’s possible!), there’s only a small sink with rarely any storage space, a tiny shower with a good shower head and a toilet. The toiletries are by “Sea of Salt” and are somewhat average.

Something we found to be really odd is that two of the small bottles were not even half full. Looks like nobody recognized this while cleaning the room before we arrived.

Gym at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Finding the gym was rather tough at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm as none of the elevators goes till the basement which means that you have to take the stairs.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Gym

Gym at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Afterwards, you have to pass several doors and you’ll find rooms like the electricity room on the left and the right. Finally, when reaching the gym, you’ll recognize why it is so tough to find.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Gym

Towels and water in the gym

In my opinion, it’s just not supposed to be found as it is not only extremely weak equipped with just four machines, but is also extremely dark (no windows at all) and noisy (there’s some kind of machinery room next). When staying at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm better don’t even try to find the gym…

Breakfast at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Another odd thing at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm is that the combined restaurant and bar is closed on Sundays which meant that we were neither able to have dinner nor enjoy our complimentary welcome drink. At least, the restaurant was open for breakfast again the next morning.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Breakfast

Set-up for breakfast at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

I was somewhat expecting a lot as I said myself that breakfast is usually very good at boutique style hotels. Well, I wouldn’t say that breakfast was necessarily bad, but at the same time nothing to write home about.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Breakfast

The breakfast buffet is totally okay

The buffet offers an okay selection of rolls, cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, mueslis, yoghurts and some hot options, but is by far not as good as in several other luxury hotels in Berlin.

Something that really surprised me was that the service was pretty much non-existent even though there were only eight tables set at this time.

Bottom line Indigo Berlin Ku’damm

Service at Indigo Berlin Ku’damm was friendly and helpful during check-in and check-out, but weak in the restaurant. Breakfast was average at best and the Standard Room, while very nicely designed, was just way too small for a hotel of this category and in this location.

Indigo Berlin Ku'damm Standard Room

The view was as average as the whole hotel

The gym is nothing I want to lose another word about as it was maybe the worst gym I ever saw in a hotel. That said, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Indigo Berlin Ku’damm. Not because we had a bad time at the hotel, but just because there are way better choices in the city for the same price and in a comparable or better location, regardless whether talking of IHG hotels or other brands.

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