Island Review: Tenerife

Tenerife is a popular vacation island which belongs to Spain. Being a Canary Island, the weather is good all year long. But Tenerife has so much more to offer than just beaches. Especially the volcano El Teide is absolutely fascinating. Not to forget about Los Gigantes or the changing vegetation!

The first impression of Tenerife was just amazing. Flying over the island with the volcano which could be seen high above the clouds and seeing the interesting coast line with rocks and beaches is fascinating. Not to forget about the very warm weather even in winter!

Discovering the promenade

Arriving at our hotel, Gran Melia, we immediately fell in love with the promenade.

Tenerife Promenade

Nice for walking, cool decoration elements – flowers and nature, of course! – and incredibly wonderful views of the sea. What do you want more?

Los Gigantes Tenerife

Los Gigantes are very big, giant rocks at the coast.

Los Gigantes Tenerife

Definitely worth seeing! But don’t drive into the parking lot of the harbor.

Harbor Tenerife

It is very small and no one way street. And you can also not see the giant rocks. Los Gigantes can be seen way better when staying a bit up.

El Teide Tenerife

The highlight of Tenerife definitely is El Teide, the volcano. I hope you have a good stomach or don’t eat something before you drive up.

Serpentines Tenerife

The streets are steep and are definitely serpentines. But the views you are able to enjoy whilst driving definitely make up for that!


The changing vegetation is worth a special mention. The higher you get, the greener is the environment surrounding you.

El Teide Tenerife 3
But it gets really incredible when you pass the National Park El Teide sign. After that, stones and rubble await you.

National Park El Teide Tenerife 4

And then, El Teide can be seen! The driving through the clouds was especially fun.

National Park El Teide Tenerife 5

The way down was pure serpentines again. Once in a while, you are able to see the coast again in the north. Also, you will drive through small cute towns.

Small Town Tenerife 2

View Tenerife

We drove back from the North to the East to our hotel and had an incredibly amazing time on Tenerife. After such exciting moments, it was time to relax and watch the sunsets!


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