Airport Guide: Paris Orly Airport

Paris Orly Airport is the second biggest airport in the French capital. It consists of two terminals which are named South and West. The South Terminal is mainly used by low-cost-carriers while the West Terminal is the base for network carriers like Air France. The airport is rather old, but offers a wide range of shops and dining options, lounges and hotels. Our airport guide!

Paris Orly Airport is the second biggest airport in Paris and also the second biggest airport in France. Even though the French flag carrier Air France mainly operates out of Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, there are also several operations from Paris Orly.

Transavia Boeing 737-800

Transavia is an important airline at Paris Orly Airport

Most of the domestic destinations of Air France are only served from Paris Orly. Starting 6th of June 2016, there will also be a direct flight to New York.

Most important carriers at Paris Orly Airport:

  • Air France: Several domestic destinations, New York
  • Transavia France: Several destinations throughout Europe
  • Aigle Azur: Several destinations in Northern Africa and Portugal

Shopping and dining at Paris Orly Airport

While the other airport is home of several luxury brands, Paris Orly Airport is full of shops for “normal” people. There are still some luxury boutiques, but as there are several low-cost flights, the clientele is just not the same.

Paris Orly Airport

You’ll definitely find one or another interesting dining option at Paris Orly Airport

If you are looking for shopping at Paris Orly Airport, the West Terminal is the better choice as it houses more shops in the pre- and the departure area. When spending time at Paris Orly Airport, you may also enjoy one of the restaurants in either of the areas. There are also several bistros, cafés and fast food restaurants which are open from the first till the last flight.

Sleeping at Paris Orly Airport

Getting rest in the terminals of Paris Orly Airport is rather difficult. Even though it is possible to sleep inside the departure lounge, there are just normal benches which are not intended for sleeping. Instead, you should rather look for a hotel as these are reasonably priced.

Room Le Bristol Paris

Luxury hotels like Le Bristol are only to be found in the city center

There are two to four star properties with some popular brands like Ibis, Novotel, Mercure or Hilton being present. Rates are usually way below 100 Euro, making the value for the money totally reasonable for Paris.

Lounges at Paris Orly Airport

As Paris Orly Airport is mainly used by low-cost carriers, there are not many lounges at the airport. Passengers flying with Air France and having lounge access may choose either one of the two Air France lounges – Le Patio lounges or the “real” Air France Lounge which is further away from the boarding gates.

Iberia Lounge Paris Orly

The Iberia Lounge Paris Orly is average at best

If you are flying oneworld, you may either access the Iberia Lounge or the 212 Orly West Lounge by OpenSkies, the subsidiary of British Airways (located in the non-Schengen area). Last but not least, there’s an independent lounge called Salon Icare which can be accessed with a Priority Pass membership or by paying cash.

Lounges at Paris Orly Airport:

  • Air France Lounges (ST BC, ST EP, FB Platinum, FB Gold)
  • Iberia Lounge (OW BC, OW E, OW S, TP BC)
  • 212 Orly West Lounge by OpenSkies (BA BC, OW E, OW S)
  • Salon Icare (PP, $, TK BC)

Transportation at Paris Orly Airport

There are several different ways to get from Paris Orly Airport to the city center. The fastest and cheapest way is the tram line 7 which takes approximately 30 minutes to the center. The price is just 1.80 Euro (~ 2 US-Dollar).

Paris Orly Trains

There are several different ways to reach Paris Orly Airport

Other options include the RER C and a shuttlebus, the RER B and the Orlyval, the Orlybus, Cars Air France lines 1 and 3 as well as public buses. Yet, neither of these options is as convenient nor as cheap as the tram. The price for a taxi from Paris Orly Airport to the city center is approximately 50 Euro (~55 US-Dollar).


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