Rotterdam: Top things to do and see

Rotterdam is located in the Netherlands and the second biggest city of the country after Amsterdam. Moreover, the harbor of Rotterdam is one of the most important ones in whole Europe! But it’s not the sheer size which makes Rotterdam interesting and worth seeing, but especially the unique architecture! What to see and do best in Rotterdam?

  1. Museums in Rotterdam

Rotterdam definitely has a lot of museums on offer. Whether the Fotomuseum or the Het Nieuwe Instituut, whether Kunsthal Rotterdam or The Maritime Museum.

Het Nieuwe Instituut

Het Nieuwe Instituut

The best thing is that most museums can be found right next to each other, but not everything of course.

  1. Kop van Zuid Rotterdam

Kop van Zuid is a new district of Rotterdam since the 1990s.

De Rotterdam

Connected with the famous Erasmus Bridge, it was built on abandoned harbor areas.

  1. Oude Haven Rotterdam

Having been built in the 14th century, Oude Haven Rotterdam is the oldest in the city. Especially the contrast between historic and modern architecture make it worth visiting.

Old Harbor Rotterdam

Another great thing is that historic ships have their place there and get restored, truly a highlight!

  1. Witte Huis Rotterdam

Nowadays, Witte Huis Rotterdam looks almost like a small fairytale castle.

Witte Huis Rotterdam

Also located in the Oude Haven Rotterdam, it was Europe’s very first highrise! The good thing is that there is a café in the basement, perfect for enjoying a coffee or anything alike!

  1. Kubuswoningen Rotterdam

The original idea was to create apartments in form of a tree with a tree trunk and a treetop.

Kubuswoningen Rotterdam

I don’t know what it is like to live in one, but they are definitely unique and spectacular to see!

  1. Station Rotterdam Blaak

In 1877, the first railway station in Rotterdam was opened on this location. However, it got destroyed heavily during WWII.

Station Blaak Rotterdam

Nowadays, Rotterdam Blaak railway station is located there.

  1. Markthal Rotterdam

Rotterdam’s Market Hall is probably one of the newest architectural highlights of the city.

Markthal Rotterdam

Opened in 2014, it is the first completely covered grocery store in the Netherlands. Unique is the mix of market, stores, parking lots and housing options!

  1. Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Every city needs one of another church. In Rotterdam’s case, this is the Laurenskerk, also known as Grote.

Laurenskerk Rotterdam

Laurenskerk is the only remaining thing in Rotterdam of the medieval ages, having been built in the 15th century.

  1. Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

As already mentioned, the Erasmus Bridge connects the main city of Rotterdam with Kop van Zuid.

Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge

Named after the famous Erasmus of Rotterdam, the bridge definitely is an architectural gem!

  1. Stadhuis Rotterdam

Stadhuis Rotterdam is one of only few buildings in the city center which have “survived” World War II.

Rotterdam Town Hall

Since 1997, Stadhuis Rotterdam is a listed building.

  1. Central Station Rotterdam

Rotterdam Centraal is probably the most interesting station when it comes to architecture.

Rotterdam Central Station

From the outside, it looks like a triangle!

  1. Defltse Port Rotterdam

Delftse Port are actually two pretty symmetric skyscrapers from the 1990s.

Rotterdam Delftse Poort

Till 2009, they were even the highest buildings in the Netherlands! In most of the parts is an insurance company.

  1. Lijnbaan Rotterdam

Lijnbaan Rotterdam is a complete car-free zone and thus a pedestrian zone.

Lijnbaam Rotterdam

Not any surprisingly, Lijnbaan Rotterdam is the biggest shopping street of the city.


More about Rotterdam can be found on our city page!


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  1. My daughter loves the Markthal,she thinks that those painted glass panels are giant TV!My personal favorite is the Erasmus Bridge,it is the longest Swing Bridge in the whole world ,this bridge really becomes the landmark now of Rotterdam .While we were strolling here,i just realized that since Rotterdam was heavily bombed during the war , then all these modern buildings came to give life to this Harbour city. Totally different from the varied shaped gable type-Architecture in Amsterdam.You were wise to include Piet Blom’s Cubic House in your list .All in all,great selection,very informative.

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