Train Review: Berlin-Warszawa-Express (First Class)

The Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class is one of the fastest and most comfortable ways to get from the German capital to the Polish one. After taking the train in Second Class for two times, I decided to also give the First Class a try. Surprisingly, I didn’t really notice any difference. After reading this review, you’ll see why there’s no point for paying more just to sit in First Class.

I’m kind of in love with trains. I find the boarding and travelling procedure much more comfortable than in any other means of transport. Working, relaxing and just looking out of the window never gets as enjoyable as in a train. That’s why I decided to try the Berlin-Warszawa-Express not only in Second Class (see our review), but also in First Class!

Seating in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

Seating is what usually makes the difference between First and Second Class in trains and even airplanes. If you have a closer look at our pictures, you may recognize a slight difference between the compartments in Second and First Class.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

Seating in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

Not that the seats would be any different, but there’s at least a different color! Not to be sarcastic, I don’t find the seats any uncomfortable or so, but I just didn’t really notice any real difference between the compartments in First and Second Class.

I find it especially strange that the compartment seats in First Class don’t even come with a table in the armrest. Working is pretty much impossible like this.

Food in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

The Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class may differentiate heavily from Second Class when it comes to food. That’s the case with the French TGV for example. Yet, it’s not really true when it comes to Polish trains. The only real difference is that you do not only get one, but two free drinks.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

Handmade sandwich sold in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express

Moreover, you may ask the staff to bring food to your compartment while you have to grab it yourself when traveling in Second Class. I decided to order a sandwich which is quite lovely handcrafted and rather cheap. The taste was totally fine, too. The quality and taste of food in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express is totally fine, but once again I didn’t really notice a difference between First and Second Class.

Entertainment in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

As there’s rarely any entertainment in the Second Class of Polish trains, it definitely had to be better in First Class! And… it’s not. There’s nothing offered when it comes to entertainment, no newspapers, no magazines, no board magazine. The only real entertainment offered is Wi-Fi which is actually fast and reliable (I was even able to stream!). However, that’s once again something that’s also offered in Second Class. No point for First Class once again!

Bottom line Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

While I found the First Class of the Express InterCity Premium (Poland) and the InterCity Express (Germany) to be quite amazing and definitely superior to Second Class, I won’t book First Class in the Berlin-Warszawa-Express again.

Berlin-Warszawa-Express First Class

Not even the washrooms are any more comfortable than the ones in Second Class

There’s not more privacy, there’s not more comfort and there’s also no different food compared to Second Class. Even though the tickets in First Class are also not very much more expensive, there’s just no point in booking First Class.


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