City Guide: Bangkok

We all have these trips where everything, truly everything, goes wrong. Unfortunately, the city trip to Bangkok in December 2015 was one of those for us, so be prepared to not find this article to be like our usual city reviews. However, we made the best out of it as Bangkok definitely is worth being visited!

Oversleeping breakfast

Due to a combination of three flights with two exchanges, one rebooking and a heavy delay and lots of running at the airports, we were extremely tired.

Thanks to the time difference, it was evening in Bangkok so that we would fight jetlag easily.

Okura Prestige Bangkok

Oversleeping at Okura Prestige Bangkok

When we woke up the next morning, we realized that we just overslept breakfast. Number one going wrong. How we fixed this one can be read in our hotel review of Okura Prestige Bangkok.

Lumpini Park Bangkok

We overslept, we had some kind of breakfast – it was almost 2 pm. Considering the fact that the sun set between 5 and 6 pm back then, our day was about to be over before it really began.

Electricity Bangkok

Taking into account that humidity in Bangkok is very high, we decided to go just for a short walk to discover at least something. Compared to Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur, there were luckily some sidewalks.

So, we strolled through Lumpini Park Bangkok. Admittedly, a beautiful park, but it was already a bit too warm.

Getting sick part one

The second thing not planned was Moritz getting really sick that night. I guess we both did hardly sleep. While I was working to some degree the next day in a hotel room in Bangkok, Moritz did his best to get better again and slept almost all day.

Street Life Bangkok

Day three turned out to be the only day we got out and discovered the city of Bangkok. What I absolutely loved was to see how the street life works.

Street Life Bangkok

Street Life Bangkok

Street Life Bangkok

Street Life Bangkok

Street Bangkok

Kitchens most literally on the street, smells everywhere. Great for me, a real challenge for Moritz.

River Cruise Bangkok

What we actually wanted to do and see were the temples. On our way, we first took the skytrain next to the Victory Monument Bangkok and then checked out Siam Square.

Skytrain Bangkok

Siam Center Bangkok

Siam Center Bangkok

Victory Monument Bangkok

Victory Monument Bangkok

Depending on where you are and where you want to go, taking a boat is the fastest way which is why the services are also used by locals.

River Slums Bangkok

The thing is that there are two options: The touristic, expensive one or the other for locals. Most likely, it is simply not necessary to buy a tourist day pass, but the sad thing is that many buy it even when they happen to just take a single ride.

Wat Pho Bangkok

Wat is Thai and means temple. So, Pho is the short name of the temple we visited. If you are coming from Europe, you will find it pretty unfair that you have to pay at all or double the amount of locals if you want to enter anything.

Wat Pho Bangkok

We gained some great impressions from Buddhism and really enjoyed this kind of religious place. Stay tuned as we will most probably release a special about Wat Pho Bangkok!

Grand Palace Bangkok

Over two centuries the Grand Palace was home to the King’s family. Nowadays, it is possible to enter and visit for a high amount of money.

Grand Palace Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok

As we visited Wat Pho before, it just did not seem worth the effort to us. Did you vist the Grand Palace when in Bangkok?

Wat Saket aka Golden Mount Bangkok

What definitely was worth our time and effort was Wat Saket, better known as Golden Mount.

Golden Mount Thailand Bangkok

Golden Mount Thailand Bangkok

After having paid a small entrance fee and having gotten a ticket, you are ready to climb up all the way!

The atmosphere is just so peaceful and the views definitely make up for the small effort of climbing stairs!

Random photos of Bangkok

I thought we should also share our impressions we gained on the way back even though we don’t dedicate this a chapter.

Getting sick part II

As Moritz was on his best way of recovery, it was me who “decided” to also get sick. So, the way to the airport the next day was just a torture for me. Why I mention this? Because a great surprise awaited us at the airport! From economy to First – a very special occasion for sure, stay tuned for this one!


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4 Comments on “City Guide: Bangkok

  1. Thankfully, I have never gotten sick during my travels, but I have found it is the trips that go the most awry that are the most fun to talk about. When everything goes as planned all you can do is spout a string of superlatives that no one can relate to because they weren’t there. Start taking about missed flights, lost luggage and rude hotel clerks. Then everyone will chime in with their own stories!


  2. Very nice blog. The article is very informative and would be of great help for people planning a trip to Bangkok. I have very fond memories of visits to Bangkok with my family, we chose an off-season to avoid the rush at the famous destinations.


  3. I never get tired of visiting Bangkok. I used to visit at least once a year to do some work stuff, and it was so nice working in the city where I got to be surrounded by friendly people.
    Reading your blog sure brings back nice memories of the city & its wonderful life. Thanks for sharing.


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