Wroclaw: Top things to do and see

Wroclaw, the fourth biggest city in Poland, is located in the West of the country and will be European Capital of Culture in 2016! However, Wroclaw is a real gem that barely anyone knows about. Plus, Wroclaw definitely has much to offer. Our top things to do and see in Wroclaw!

  1. Stroll around in the Old Town

Wroclaw has a troubled past considering the fact that the core of the city got destroyed heavily during WWII.

Fountain Wroclaw Old Town

However, the Old Town shines nowadays more than ever. Restored colorful old buildings make a very special and enjoyable flair. Definitely a must-do when visiting the Polish city Wroclaw!

  1. See the Market Square

Market Square Wroclaw is what is considered as the heart of the pedestrian zone. But that’s not the interesting thing about Market Square.

Old Town Wroclaw

Old Town Wroclaw

Colorful medieval buildings, each unique in style and architecture, characterize Market Square!

  1. Go to Cathedral Island

Wroclaw’s churches are outstanding. Whether because of the architecture or the great maintenance, several churches and a cathedral are really worth a visit.

Wroclaw Cathedral

Most of them can be found on the so-called Cathedral Island which happens also to be the oldest part of the city!

  1. Bricklayer’s Bastion Wroclaw

Bricklayer’s Bastion is part of Wroclaw’s fortifications and a true gem that hardly anyone knows about.

When you “climb” all the way up, you will understand why Bricklayer’s Bastion has been turned into an observation point!


  1. Be aware of bridges

Wroclaw is also known for being the Venice of the North. Thus, you can imagine what that means: Wroclaw has a whole bunch of bridges!

Sand Bridge in Wroclaw

So, be prepared to cross many bridges!

  1. Keep an eye out

What I mean by this is that it is very recommendable to go out and be a bit off the beaten track. Like this, small cobblestoned streets as well as stoned animals can be discovered!



Moreover, hidden messages as well as monuments will be noticed for sure which is typical for the city of Wroclaw.


More about Wroclaw can be read on our city page!


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