Running in Venice

Running in Venice may sound a little weird as Venice is more or less consisting of small islands. Nevertheless, there are actually some amazing running paths in Venice. While I can just recommend to definitely give running in Venice a try, I have to warn you at the same time: don’t leave “home” without GPS as you’ll have problems finding your way back!

When we arrived in Venice, the weather was totally beautiful. When I was running, I was not that lucky. It was pretty cloudy and even a little foggy.

Running in Venice

Map of my run through Venice (tracked by Runtastic)

Both is not uncommon for December, so nothing to worry about here.

  • Distance: 6.5 Kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 15 Meters
  • Calories burned: 400-450
  • Month: December
  • Weather: cloudy

Leaving Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice, I had more amazing things to think of anyway.

For example the beautiful San Marco Square which was the first major sight I saw while running in Venice!

Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale

Running in Venice also means that you have limited routes and not many parks to run in. Yet, you’ll most likely spot several amazing buildings.

Running in Venice

San Marco Square is a real highlight if you begin at Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice

In my case, these included the Basilica di San Marco and Palazzo Ducale, two extremely beautiful buildings.

Following the promenade to one of the only parks in the city, I also passed the National Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II.

What’s even more amazing is the view – at least in theory as it was vastly devalued due to the foggy and cloudy weather.

Parco delle Rimembranze

After running by the water for several minutes and watching the scenery with several typical buildings and channels, I finally arrived at Parco delle Rimembranze, one of the few real parks in Venice.

Running in Venice

Finally reaching one of only a few parks in Venice

I found it to be absolutely lovely to find a green spot in a city like Venice where parks are somewhat weird as the city is no normal island, but rather artificial.

How often can you say that you have been running in a park on an artificial island and actually enjoyed it to the utmost?

Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo and Arsenale di Venezia

Leaving the park, I was in a residential area of Venice again and soon also found the rather big Stadio Pier Luigi Penzo.

Running in Venice

In the back ride side, there’s the only soccer stadium in Venice

Another thing you wouldn’t really expect in a city like Venice is a stadium, but when running in a city you always spot some special places!

After running through the beautiful streets of Venice for some minutes and spotting some more nice buildings, I finally arrived at the Arsenale di Venezia.

Running in Venice

The beautiful Arsenale di Venezia

It’s a beautiful old fortress in typical Venetian style. Definitely worth running along!

The streets and life of Venice

There were some other remarkable buildings on my running route, but more important is seeing the vibrant life in the streets of Venice.

Running in Venice

Running in Venice is especially interesting in the morning hours

I can just recommend to go running on a workday morning to see how lively the little streets and channels are and how everything is brought to the hundreds of shops in the city.

In fact, I loved running in Venice for the extremely interesting scenery you won’t have anywhere else and the vibrant life in all the streets.

This is what really makes Venice a very special city, I would definitely recommend visiting and go running at!


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  1. Having visited Venice in the summer, as soon as I saw the title “Running in Venice” i thought to myself NO WAY! I remember walking and getting lost every time we would hit a dead end, but how rewarding it was to sometimes come across an unknown bar and be able to actually afford an afternoon spritzer

    • Haha, that’s so true! Getting lost in Venice is so easy, it’s incredible. At least, you always find someting special as soon as you get out of the touristic areas 🙂

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    I post about travel, life and other things. Thanks!

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  4. WOW! I’ve just found this blog today and I too did run in Venice in Feb 2015. And like you, I was amazed that I could find a park in Venice. It was really a nice way to see Venice and it made you feel like a local :D. I will definitely follow your running blog!

    • Great to hear from a fellow runner! Running, especially in the morning, gives you a different perspective to the city. Really adorable especially in Venice 🙂

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