Hotel Review: Le Bristol Paris

Le Bristol Paris is one of the most expensive hotels in Paris. Due to a Leaders Club Unlimited Free Night, we had the pleasure to enjoy a stay at the prestigious property. With expecting maybe too much, we were a little disappointed after checking out. Learn more about staying at Le Bristol Paris in our extensive and picture heavy hotel review!

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Le Bristol Paris is a name which doesn’t need any explanation.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: October

The luxury hotel is one of the most prestigious properties not only in Paris, but in whole France.

Le Bristol Paris Facade

Facade of Le Bristol Paris

The prices for a nightly rate are actually out of this world which makes you expect a lot as a guest.

Le Bristol Paris Elevator

The historic elevator got a lot of charm

Our experience started great as we were greeted very friendly upon checking-in.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

Welcome Treatment awaiting us in our Deluxe Room

Even though we arrived very early, there was no problem to check-in at this time of the day.

At Le Bristol Paris, each guest is accompanied to the room and meanwhile gets an explanation of the whole hotel. Definitely a good thing if you arrive at the property for the very first time.

Deluxe Room at Le Bristol Paris

We were upgraded to a slightly larger Deluxe Room at Le Bristol. This one was facing the street which may sound like a bad thing, but is actually positive at Le Bristol Paris.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

First view of the Deluxe Room at Le Bristol Paris

We could enjoy some truly Parisian views of one of the most popular streets in the city from not one, but two balconies!

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

The small balconies are a truly lovely touch

Besides that, the room has a very large and extremely comfortable King Bed, a nice wardrobe in the entrance area, a working desk and three chairs which were somewhat randomly placed in the room.

There were also two tables, one with the flat screen television on it, the other one with some magazines. Not to forget about the little commode which had some apples and our welcome present, a bottle of good white wine and a bottle of Evian, on it.

The design is very classic, yet extremely charming. The chandelier definitely fits into the room we got at Le Bristol Paris.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

The headphones next to the television are a very interesting feature

Nevertheless, we found it a little strange that there was no real seating area in the room, but rather some chairs without any real function.

The television was another issue as it was placed in a strange position for both, the chairs and the bed. But who watches television in Paris anyway?

Bathroom of the Deluxe Room

Le Bristol Paris is one of the luxury hotels which constantly gets amazing reviews on all platforms.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

The bathroom at Le Bristol Paris is a real highlight

One reason therefore are the amazing bathrooms which are so spacious and comfortable that you can’t believe you are in a hotel room in a metropolis with skyrocketing square meter prices.

Our Deluxe Room at Le Bristol Paris came with a marble bathroom with a large tub, a double sink, a separated toilet with an attached bidet and a separated shower.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

I hardly had a bathroom as amazing in any other city hotel yet

The toiletries by la Prairie were just one of many highlights of the bathroom. Another thing worth mentioning were the extremely plush towels which definitely are superior to what is offered in most other hotels.

Pool & Gym at Le Bristol Paris

As we already mentioned in our special story on pools in South Africa, we were as lucky as in South Africa when we arrived in Paris.

Le Bristol Paris Pool

Pool Deck at Le Bristol Paris

The pool was closed for maintenance, so the only thing we could do was having a look at it. The stylish pool deck with views of Paris with the little terrace looked truly amazing and really like a place where you could relax for hours.

You can also find a steam bath and a relaxation area with some water and apples available right next to the pool. On a different floor, in the Spa, there’s also a gym which came with extremely modern machines.

Yet, I found the gym to be rather sparse equipped which stems from the fact that the gym is very small. While doing some cardio is rarely an issue at the gym of Le Bristol Paris, strength training is hardly possible.

Sabrina already had a manicure at the Spa, but was somewhat disappointed about the average result.

Breakfast Le Bristol Paris

Due to the incredible prices for food and drinks at Le Bristol Paris (there’s rarely any main for less than 60 euros), we decided to just have breakfast at the hotel.

Le Bristol Paris Breakfast

Set-up for breakfast at Le Bristol Paris

Continental Breakfast (usually 45 euros per person) is included for Leaders Club members. While Sabrina was just fine with the continental choice, I opted for the American Breakfast.

Le Bristol Paris Breakfast

Continental Breakfast only comes with juice, coffee or tea and a selection of rolls, croissants and pastries

The Continental Breakfast at Le Bristol Paris came with a selection of (mostly sweet) rolls, croissants and pastries as well as jams and marmalades, a hot drink of your choice, water and freshly squeezed juice.

Le Bristol Paris Breakfast

The American Breakfast comes with a very good fruit salad…

The American Breakfast comes with an additional fruit salad and any egg from the menu. I opted for the Eggs Benedict which were decent, but not as good as the ones I enjoyed at The Lowry Hotel Manchester.

Le Bristol Paris Breakfast

… and any choice of egg dish like Eggs Benedict

The fruit salad and the bread basket items were of a very high quality, but I found the price for the breakfast at Le Bristol Paris totally out of this world nevertheless. Even though the service is very, very good, the breakfast is just not worth the price if you don’t have it included in your rate.

Bottom line Le Bristol Paris

Checking out at 5 pm is a really luxurious thing, especially if you are granted Late Check-Out without any issues.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

Small touches like the daily newspaper service are very nice

This definitely shows why people tend to love Le Bristol Paris. We also had a great time as the classic rooms are extremely spacious and allow you to relax in a lovely atmosphere. The pool deck is a great addition and definitely rare in a city like Paris. Breakfast was good and served in a lovely classic atmosphere, but not really worth the prices on the menu.

Le Bristol Paris Deluxe Room

The rooms at Le Bristol Paris are amazing, but are they really worth the charged prices?

The service was good at nearly all times and really makes Le Bristol Paris an amazing property. Nevertheless, I find the nightly rates to be just too high to really recommend staying at Le Bristol Paris. While you definitely won’t be disappointed, I somewhat doubt that you’ll feel that your investment was an amazing value.

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