Cape Town: Top things to do and see

Cape Town is big, Cape Town is colorful, Cape Town is buzzing and the question is rather what to do not in Cape Town than what to do there at all. The second biggest city of South Africa after Johannesburg has a rich history which has influenced Cape Town ever since. As there are so many lovely things to do and see, what to do and see best in Cape Town?

  1. Get up early for Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the most popular and outstanding landmarks of Cape Town. Not any surprisingly, everyone visiting Cape Town wants to get up that mountain. The thing is just that there is often fog so that you cannot enjoy great views. Plus, it appears to happen that you have to wait incredibly long for a ride, even two hours + in low season!

south africa, cape town

Cape Town Cableway

So, if you really want to get up there, get up early – the sky is usually clearer then. Moreover, waiting hours can be less. And no, having bought a ticket in advance in the internet does not help you getting up there any sooner..

  1. Stroll in Company’s Garden

Company’s Garden was quite a surprise for me as there is actually pretty much to see!

Company's Garden Cape Town Statue

Cape Town, South Africa

First of all, you will be able to enjoy lovely views of Table Mountain! What’s also to see is in the points above!

  1. George’s Cathedral

Still incomplete, St. Georg’s Cathedral has replaced a church which has been there before.

Cape Town St. George Cathedral

Moreover, St. George’s Cathedral is the seat of the archbishop of Cape Town. The cathedral was started in 1901 and is one of the things worth admiring in near of Company’s Garden!

  1. National Library

The National Library in Cape Town of South Africa is literally a collection of all collected materials connected to South Africa.

South African National Library Cape Town

But not only the inside is a real gem, especially the building itself is worth admiring! The National Library can be seen when spending some time in Company’s Garden!

  1. South Africa’s National Gallery Cape Town

The National Gallery of South Africa in Cape Town holds a collection of art from South Africa as well as from Africa and Europe which can be explained by the colonial heritage.

National Gallery South Africa Cape Town

But even from the outside, the National Gallery of South Africa is worth admiring!

  1. Take a sightseeing bus

Cape Town is just a very big city and offers quite a lot to do and see. So, if you want to get from A to B, a sightseeing bus is the right means of transportation.

CitySightSeeing Cape Town Bus

Public transport is really not recommendable for any tourist. Take the bus, enjoy the sights of Cape Town and be glad there is much information about the city provided!

  1. Waterfront Cape Town

Waterfront Cape Town is probably the most shining part of Cape Town. However, this is more something for the rich.

Bay Cape Town 3

Helicopter flights are offered, life is buzzing. Definitely nice, yet nothing which is characteristic for Cape Town.

  1. Take a photo of Clock Tower Cape Town

Another landmark of Cape Town is the Clock Tower.

Clock Tower Cape Town

The Clock Tower was once the guideline for the official entry and exit times so that no quarrels could occur.

  1. 12 Apostles and Camp Bay Cape Town

12 Apostles is a mountain chain beginning with Table Mountain. When being in the so-called wind-free zone, Camp Bay, you will have great views of 12 Apostles.

Twelve apostles Cape Town

Beach Cape Town

The good thing is that there is also the beach, so if you want to have some time out, this is the perfect spot!

  1. District Six Cape Town

District Six is an area in Cape Town which has most probably the most moving history. During the 1970s in time of the Apartheid Regime, over 60,000 inhabitants were moved by force. The authorities were of the opinion that black and white people just cannot live together, what they did in District Six.

District Six South Africa

In memory of that crucial history, District Six is just empty and looks more like an ancient battlefield.

  1. Take a ride to Robben Island

Robben Island was one of the most famous prison islands. Amongst others, Nelson Mandela was there.

Robben Island

Nowadays, the island is a big nature conservation and the former prison buildings are a museum in which guided tours can be taken!

  1. Visit Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope is the oldest building in Cape Town, having been built by sailors in less than a year!

Castle of Good Hope Cape Town 2

Luckily, it is also possible to go inside, so take the chance!


More hints about Cape Town can be found on our city page!


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  1. Thank for this. I hope to visit Cape Town in the next two years. I have Table Mountain, Robben and the Waterfront on my list but now have even more 🙂

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