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Acropolis Athens is probably the most famous and important landmark of Athens. Moreover, it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. Dating back to the 5th century BC(!), the historical and cultural value is incomparable. Taking into account that Acropolis Athens rises above Athens and consists of several separate worth-seeing relics, here’s our special about Acropolis Athens!

Nowadays, Acropolis may seem to be just overly touristic due to just a few left ruins. But the Acropolis Athens is neither just a collection of random stones nor a touristic destination without a reason. In fact, the Acropolis proofs the culture and civilization as well as architectural skills of Ancient Greek.

Parthenon Acropolis

Parthenon stands for formal and aesthetical perfection of ancient Greek culture.

View from Lycabetus Hill of Athens

Every single detail and form seem to be thoroughly through-thought in order to touch the ideal. Historians are still to analyze the Parthenon even though there already are thousands of books about it – just to get an impression!

Temple of Athena Nike

Athena was one of the most important goddesses in Ancient Greece. Even though many statues of her could be found e.g. in the Panthenon, Athena was also dedicated a special and own temple.


The Erechtheion is another temple.

Erechtheum Acropolis Athens

Erechtheum Acropolis Athens

However, the Erechtheion is one of those relics which are the oldest, having been finished about 400 BC.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

Unlike Erechtheion or the Temple of Athena Nike, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus is no temple but rather an antique theater.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus Athens

All in all, the Odeon offers space for almost 5000 spectators. Since the 1930s, parts of Athens’ Festival is shown there!

The Acropolis Restauration Project

The Acropolis Athens withstand several destruction stemming from military use, changing weather as well as the decay of centuries of attrition or pollution.

Parthenon Acropolis Athens


Due to that, the decision to start restoring the Acropolis Athens was made in the 1970s. When we were there in summer 2015, the works were not finished yet.


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  1. An interesting read. If you liked it there, you should pay a visit to Sucre in Bolivia without a doubt! A historically fascinating city with much to see and do – Ollie

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