Running in Barcelona (Tibidabo Edition)

Running in Barcelona (Tibidabo Edition) was one of the most extensive running experiences I had in the past. While I’ll release a “city running guide” in just a few weeks, now it’s time to focus on one of the most amazing parts of Barcelona, at least for running and the views of the city. Sadly, the latter argument didn’t really kick in due to the fog.

Running in Barcelona is always something special to me. There are so many amazing areas to go running, be it on one of the mountains around the city, in the city center or just along the coastal line.

Running in Barcelona

Map of my run through Barcelona’s mountains (tracked by Runtastic)

In the running in Barcelona (Tibidabo Edition) guide, it’s all about altitude! Located several hundred meters above the city, Gran Hotel La Florida usually offers stunning views.

  • Distance: 5.25 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 300 meters
  • Calories burned: 350-400
  • Month: December
  • Weather: Clear with some fog

Sadly, when leaving the property I instantly recognized that I won’t be lucky this time as it was too foggy to see the city.

Gran Hotel La Florida

I started my run at Gran Hotel La Florida

Nevertheless, there’s always something else amazing to see!

Running to Torre de Collserola

My first destination when running on Tibidabo was the Torre de Collserola.

While I was in the Tibidabo amusement park several times, I never made it to the large television tower which is called Torre de Collserola.

Torre de Collserola

Torre de Collserola can already be seen from distance

The tower itself is quite impressive, but more amazing are usually the views.

As mentioned, these were rather average in this case, but nice enough nevertheless.

Running up and down

The Tibidabo Edition of running in Barcelona is not only special because there are actually not many sights to see, but also because the run was one of the most difficult ones I did in the last years.

Even though the nature is adorable and you can also spot interesting ruins from time to time, every step up and down in the hills is challenging.

That’s especially true for the way back as this one is definitely the hardest when running down for more than 100 meters beforehand.

Running along the amusement park

When running on the “nature” side of Tibidabo (the one where you can’t enjoy views of Barcelona), you have a great view of the Temple of Sacred Heart of Jesus from time to time.

Running in Barcelona

Back on the mountain, you’l see several nice buildings

The church is one of the most impressive ones, especially as it is not located in the city center like most other impressive sacral buildings.

Temple of Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Temple of Sacred Heart of Jesus is definitely one of the most impressive ones

As I was interested in seeing the church with the sun in the background, I decided to run back to Gran Hotel La Florida along the amusement park which was still closed at this time of the day.

On this way back, I was able to snap some beautiful pictures of the park as well as the church and so had a nice ending to the run.

One which is definitely recommendable if you like nature and are in a good condition (which is essential for this run!).


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  1. hahaha… just saw the Friends episode with the Tibidabo story from Joey… didn’t know it really existed… but apparantly it does 🙂 Great post by the way. love, Kathleen

  2. This was an awesome post! I am a runner also, and never considered using runs as a source for material! Plus that does really get you out into the cities that you visit! Great post!

    • Thank you very much! At some point, I got the idea that these guides may be helpful for one or another person who loves running in cithes like I do. As it appears, the running guides are some of our most liked posts! Looks like there’s a market 😉

      Thank you for the kind words btw 🙂

    • Thank you very much!

      For me, it’s essential to do sports every day while on the road. With more than 75 flights a year, you really have to do something to stay fit and healthy. Plus, running in metropolises around the world is so amazing that I actually look forward to it every morning 🙂

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