Hotel Review: Hilton Rotterdam

Hilton Rotterdam is one of few luxury hotels in the important harbor city in the Netherlands. Even though the hotel looks anything but stunning from the outside, the interior is actually quite decent. We were assigned a Junior Suite and also enjoyed the Executive Lounge. Taking into account that the hotel is not very expensive, it is definitely worth a recommendation! Read why in our hotel review.

For our stay in Rotterdam, we decided to spend the night at Hilton Rotterdam.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Junior Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

The combination of the Hilton Status and the very good value for the money made the hotel an obvious choice for us.

When checking out, we didn’t regret our choice as Hilton Rotterdam is an ideal hotel for everyone traveling for business or leisure, at least if you don’t expect too much.

Junior Suite at Hilton Rotterdam

The Junior Suite we were upgraded at Hilton Rotterdam does not really fit into the definition of a suite in my opinion.

Hilton Rotterdam Junior Suite

Junior Suite at Hilton Rotterdam

It’s not very big and so doesn’t really feel like a suite, not even a junior suite. Nevertheless, we instantly liked the room upon entering.

There’s a little hallway with the bathroom to the right side. Following is the living area of the Junior Suite which came with a working desk with all the information about Hilton Rotterdam on it as well as two armchairs next to a small table.

Just a few steps away, the King Bed was to be found. On both sides of the bed, you can find bedside tables and to the right front, there’s a flat-screen television.

While not very big, we immediately liked the design and style of the Junior Suite at Hilton Rotterdam.

Hilton Rotterdam Junior Suite

View of the city

As the room was also quite bright and had a decent view of the city, we couldn’t have made a better choice for a stay in Rotterdam.

Bathroom of the Junior Suite

Another positive aspect of the Junior Suites at Hilton Rotterdam is the large bathroom.

Hilton Rotterdam Junior Suite

The shape of the bathroom at Hilton Rotterdam was truly unique

It’s not often that you see bathrooms which have the shape of a tube, but at Hilton Rotterdam this was anything but a problem.

When entering, there’s the toilet on the right side and the sink on the left side. Following the way, next is the bathtub to the left and the large walk-in shower to the right.

I especially found the latter quite enjoyable as it was just so spacious. The modern design and the spotless cleanliness were other pluses of the bathroom.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Rotterdam

The Executive Lounge of Hilton Rotterdam is located on the ground floor. While it’s a little bothersome that people from the outside can actually see everyone in the lounge, the set-up is quite nice besides.

While the lounge is one room, it is portioned of rather nicely. This means that you have some privacy depending on where you sit.

There are also a business corner, a flat-screen television, some books and even some games to keep you entertained. The buffet is nothing to write home about at the same time. During the day, there are just some snacks like muesli bars and fruits available.

In the evening, there’s a bigger selection with some cold cuts, cheeses and a few hot snacks like chicken wings. While there are definitely better lounges in other Hilton hotels, we found the one at Hilton Rotterdam to be totally fine.

Breakfast Hilton Rotterdam

After having a quick look at the breakfast in the Executive Lounge of Hilton Rotterdam, which was decent, we headed to the breakfast restaurant.

Hilton Rotterdam Executive Lounge

The breakfast in the Executive Lounge is decent

Most tables were already filled when we arrived, but we were assigned a rather nice one nevertheless. While I found it strange that you have to order coffee and tea at a “coffee station” and wait there by yourself, the breakfast buffet was actually a very positive surprise.

Hilton Rotterdam Breakfast

The buffet in the restaurant is more extensive

Not only were there dozens of different items available, but there was also a live cooking station where you are able to order pancakes, omelets and everything else you may like at that very moment.

As also the service was very efficient and quick, I have to say that the breakfast at Hilton Rotterdam truly impressed me, especially compared to other Hilton properties.

Gym at Hilton Rotterdam

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that Hilton Rotterdam got a small gym behind the lobby. As I’m no fan of the usual Hilton Precor equipment, I was pleasantly surprised to find equipment by TechnoGym which I find to be one of the best brands when it comes to fitness equipment.

While the gym itself was not very large, the modern equipment was a definite plus. There was also a good mix of strength and cardio machines. Once again nothing to write home about, but absolutely okay.

Bottom line Hilton Rotterdam

It would be wrong to say that our stay at Hilton Rotterdam was amazing or anything alike, but it was truly enjoyable. Hilton Rotterdam is no upper class luxury hotel, but it’s an ideal hotel if you are looking for a decent stay in the city center of Rotterdam.

Hilton Rotterdam Executive Lounge

The Executive Lounge of Hilton Rotterdam is a nice place to relax for a moment

Their rooms are modern and spacious enough, the Executive Lounge is nice for spending some time at and the breakfast is actually surprisingly good. If we’ll come to Rotterdam for leisure or business, we definitely wouldn’t hesitate to stay at Hilton Rotterdam again!

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