Frankfurt (Main): Top things to do and see

Frankfurt (Main) in Germany is rather known for being a business metropolis. High-rising skyscrapers and modern architecture by the river Main is the image you most likely have of the city. However, we found Frankfurt (Main) also to be quite attractive for touristic purposes. Especially the historical old town makes Frankfurt (Main) worth visiting. Here are our top things to do and see in Frankfurt (Main)!

  1. Central Station Frankfurt (Main)

Central Station Frankfurt (Main) is not only one of the most important train stations of Germany with almost half a million passengers in a year.

Central Station Frankfurt (Main)

But also a real architectural highlight dating back to 1888!

  1. Old Town Frankfurt (Main)

If you are searching for a real gem in Frankfurt (Main), it’s Old Town is the place to go!

Old Town Frankfurt

Old Town Frankfurt

During WWII, some of its core got destroyed heavily, but got restored.

  1. Römerberg mit Römer Frankfurt (Main)

Römerberg is the center of the old town in front of the town hall since the Medieval Ages.

Römerberg mit Römer

Römerberg mit Römer

Due to a great atmosphere, it is a popular tourist attraction as well as being used for events like Christmas Markets!

  1. St. Paul’s Church Frankfurt (Main)

St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt (Main) is not a usual church like any other.

St. Paul's Church

St. Paul’s Church

St. Paul’s Church covers rather a very high political symbolism as the first freely-elected German legislative was chosen there in 1849.

  1. Street of Museums Frankfurt (Main)

To be honest, this is not an official name of any street in Frankfurt (Main).

Lego Museum

Lego Museum

However, there is a street where many museums are located right next to each other. So if you consider visiting a museum, this is the perfect spot to decide spontaneously!

  1. Palm Garden Frankfurt (Main)

If you are interested in botanic, the Palm Garden Frankfurt (Main) is the ideal location to pay a visit.

Palmengarten Frankfurt (Main)

Even though there is an entrance fee, a wide range of plants from all over the world may make up for that.

  1. European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt (Main)

Institutions of the European Union are always a point of interest, at least for me.

European Central Bank

So why not catching a glance at the skyscraper in which the European Central Bank is home?

  1. Eiserner Steg Frankfurt (Main)

“Eiserner Steg” is one of many bridges which lead across the river Main, yet it is a special one as this one is just for pedestrians.

Eiserner Steg Frankfurt

Not to forget about its impressive and massive appearance!

  1. House of Goethe Frankfurt (Main)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe set milestones when it comes to literature. So if you are interested in him or in his work, the Goethe House may be of interest for you. However, this yellow house in which he was born seems to be nondescript. If you walk by, be sure to take a picture of it!


More about Frankfurt (Main) can be found on our city page!



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  1. I visited Frankfurt in September in order to pick up a visa for Iran. Unfortunately you still cannot get one in the UK despite the Embassy re-opening. What a delightful city that totally blew away my expectations. Glad that you had a good time as well!

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